Leaving Bayburt tomorrow, heading back to Istanbul?

I have paid a short visit to my hometown: Bayburt. Stayed in the Öğretmenevi, walked around the city, broke the iftar at my mother’s village where I had spent all my summers until 13. In the village, I have walked around The mosque, remembering the time it was constructed (it was 1982 when I was 6), the primary school around which ruins of a church could be found, the mill which is not used any more… In the photo, from downtown Bayburt, right behind the Clock Tower, Çoruh River passes through and there are some spots I would love to sit and have tea. I managed not to see the Castle again. Maybe next time when I have more time… In fact, i am planning to spend more time in summers here as its weather is dry and annoying… Broadband has arrived the town, so i can easily live for a little while:)

In terms of population Bayburt is the smallest city in Turkey (nearly 30,000) and it is notorious with the dense Turkish and Sunni identity. Still, it is not in totally aggressive way. I find Erzurum population more aggressive for instance. And Bayburt University has been opened recently that might give a little bit of different flavor to city’s everyday life…

Tomorrow I leave Bayburt and head to Trabzon to take my flight back to Istanbul. However, on Monday morning I am on the road again. I fly to Dublin,Ireland for the EASA conference…

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