My last hours as an Acting Dean:)

Dean's Office

This week, I was an acting dean for the Communication Faculty as Prof. Erdoğan was away at a vacation. I have signed up some documents but apart from that my life went on as usual. We were fantasizing in the beginning: appointing myself as chair to a department or using Dean’s budget, or asking Dean’s driver to take me to play cards etc. In the end, no fantasies fullfilled. It is a lonely Friday and I am warming up for a week in Eastern Black Sea!

Tomorrow morning I fly to Trabzon with a friend. No strict vacation plans made. We will stop by Trabzon, Erzurum and Artvin and I will be back by Friday. But because of some other duties I may have to come back earlier… We will see..

In the last couple of hours as an acting dean, I will have my usual office life: replying some mail, a little bit of grading (summer school), hanging out with Atilla, who just showed up, listening to Classical Rock albums and waiting for iftar.

what else, what else, someone hit my car, my bumper has to change, but the hitter had a bigger damage and I am all fine. I guess this is the first accident I have had after the very first month I started driving, that should be more than 3 years now…

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