Sevcan asks for help for a Social Media survey…
One of my friend from our Social Media classes is doing a survey about the usage of social media. First of all the survey takes about 20 minutes I’m sure that you will find it enjoyable. Not only the questions but also the answers which you rate will be so similar with your daily life.

When we reach 200 people and finish the survey, she will make the amendments about the results and she will have a presentation in Bocconi University, Milan on 7-8-9 September for 3rd edition of the ESA Research Network Sociology of Culture mid-term Conference. The conference title is “Culture and the Making of Worlds? and you can have more information from

If you would like to have more details about presentation, you can find abstract and also the survey link below.
Have a nice survey!


The new media and convergence had a direct impact on media consumption. Internet, especially Web 2.0 technologies have a major role in reshaping media consumption triggering the experience of a new kind of media production with the new audience in the role of media producer. In this direction, the increasing interest of Turkish Internet users is mainly on social media. Addiction, cultural variables, extravert, introvert and self esteem behavior are critically important variables that effect social media usage. Previous researches have determined the effects of social media usage on personality variables. The purpose of this research is to verify the effects of culture, Internet addiction and personality variables; extraversion, introversion, self esteem in social media usage. This is a pioneering study for social media use in Turkey. The research will create awareness among marketing, e-business, advertising, media, e-commerce professionals,digital media strategists, media producers, content providers, publishers, and online social media users about of the effects of personality variables in social media use.

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