Elif: Turkey on the ‘fruit era’ (!)

Erdoğan speaking at WHO award ceremony

The prime minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had a shocking speech about drinking in the meeting of World Health Organization (WHO) at which he received a special award from the WHO for his championing of Turkey’s indoor smoking ban.

Erdoğan told that people should prefer fruits instead of drinking alcohol and continued that alcohol is made of fruits, so fruit can substitute for alcohol.

I think ?is alcohol healthy or harmful? debates are just for primary school children and for some researches who tries to find the benefit of alcohol. But, these days the agenda set by government aims to legitimate the pressure on alcohol consuming.

Erdoğan?s speech the ?Fruit substitute for alcohol? argument triggered people to make some jokes on Twitter as these:

1-?I bought a cactus and I lick it instead of tequila?

2- Home owner: Do you want any melon?

Visitor: Thanks, I will drive?

3-If they can?t afford wine, they can eat grapes (Referring to Marie Antoinette)

4- Police officer: Did you take any alcohol

Driver: Just a cluster of grape

You can find whole jokes here!

And after these conversations newspapers started to publish sarcastic articles about the ingredients of alcohol to ?lead way to people? about which fruit they need to consume:

Grape rather than wine

Grape and anise rather than wine

Barley, rye, corn rather than whisky

Wheat, rice and potato rather than vodka

Barley, rice and corn rather than beer

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