Elif: Why Kemal Sunal?


Why should we mention Kemal Sunal?

In his 10th death anniversary, Kemal Sunal who is  one of the best comedy actors in Turkish Cinema history and who is humorously nicknamed as ?İnek Şaban? was alone with his family.

Despite the common view that Kemal Sunal played in the movies that didn?t contribute to ,  Mr. Sunal was an important symbol of exploited working classes in  movies such as Şark Bülbülü ( East Nightingale) Korkusuz Korkak (Fearless Coward) , Çöpçüler Kralı ( The King of Scavanger) , Talih Kuşu (Stroke of Luck) , Gurbetçi Şaban (Guest Worker Şaban) and more.
These movies, in which optimism and pessimism, adaptation and resistance both intermix and be in conflict, have many similarities with Chaplin?s movies like Limelight, Modern Times, The Gold Rush and The Kid.

In both of their movies, the system is criticized in an humorous way which can be called as ?extremely absurd?

So, I think people who particularlyfind Chaplin as one of most successful and pioneering actors in the Cinema History (like me) should revise their opinions and accept the importance of Kemal Sunal?s movies in the development of Turkish comedy and social consciousness

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