“Yekpare” and an Istanbul roundup

“Yekpare” is a storyteller which narrates the 8500 year story of Istanbul. The story embraces symbols from Pagans to Roman Empire, from Byzantine Empire to Latin Empire, and finally from Ottoman Empire to Istanbul at the present day.
Haydarpaşa Train Station, with its brilliant architectural forms, is the building on which the story is projected. The connection between middle east to west has been provided by Istanbul and Haydarpaşa since 1906. In the 50?s it served as a door for millions of internal emigrants who have triggered the chaos in Istanbul’s dialectical daily life scenes.The project’s conceptual, political and geographical positioning, the location?s depth of field and the fact that the entire show can be watched from Kadıköy coast; make “Yekpare” a dramatic presentation.

The first day of the performance also marks the 47th deathday of Nazım Hikmet Ran, the famous Turkish poet. We started out with a quote from his epic novel, “Human Landscapes from My Country”: ?At Haydarpaşa Train Station, in the spring of 1941, it is three o?clock. Sun, exhaustion and rush lay on the stairs…?

Art Direction & Visuals:
Deniz Kader ? Candaş Şişman

Music & Sound Design:
Görkem Şen

Project Management:
Erdem Dilbaz


Istancool Festival, July 1-4 2010, Istanbul

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali Akpinar
Istancool Festival is on the way! The British cultural diplomacy brand Liberatum with its Turkish partner Istanbul 74 and Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency are organizing a riveting artistic journey towards a special cultural celebration called Istancool to be held in Istanbul on 2-4 July 2010 in association with the Turkish Ministry of […]

STARTING POINT: Metro stations as works of art

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
Built in the early 1930s, Moscow?s system has historic value as it reflects a specific period in Russia?s history. The Istanbul metro may yet become a center for modern art.

Sedef Island, a peaceful corner of İstanbul
Today’s Zaman
This island, on which you can often hear the call of seagulls, is not too far away – – one hour from İstanbul’s Bostancı district.

Enjoy summer in İstanbul by going on A picnic
Today’s Zaman
İstanbul offers a number of picnicking spots and many great opportunities to take in fresh air and get some rest. Let me offer you a couple of alternatives:

İstanbul celebrating World Music Day with prospects of peace
Today’s Zaman
İstanbul is today joining in the musical celebrations marking the northern hemisphere’s summer solstice with a number of concerts as part of World Music Day

Documentary days in Istanbul

from Hurriyet Dailynews
More than 120 films from 35 countries are ready to screen in Istanbul for the ‘Documentarist-Istanbul Documentary Days’ film festival. Some of the world’s most sensational documentaries will be showing in Istanbul until June 27

Istanbul streets reveal city’s true soul
Viet Nam News
by Le Huong A Thai Indian friend of mine, who prefers to remain anonymous, and her American fiance decided to organise their wedding soon in Istanbul

In Istanbul, From Ransacked to Revived
New York Times
By SUSANNE FOWLER ISTANBUL ? A ransacked 19th-century town house in the quiet community of Kuzguncuk may seem an odd choice of residence for a worldly

Istanbul to host international festivals in July
ISTANBUL, June 25. (AA). Istanbul, European Capital of Culture 2010, will host international tango and jazz festivals in July. Tango dancers from almost 50

Branding the ‘Istanbul cool’

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Speaking at a recent conference, Munich-based scholar Darya Özcan says in the last few years cultural producers have shaped the image of Istanbul’s crude chaotic urbanization into a cooler image

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