The Big Four of Thrash Metal takes stage today.

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Today is the very big day. Sonisphere festival the 3rd day brings us the 4 big thrash metal bands (Anthrax, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth) together on the stage. Anthrax begins at 16.15 and I will leave home soon to start the last day. Well, I am quite with the first two days already. Yesterday was relatively low profile: Manowar had to be the headliner. Instead Accept was the last band to play. I like Accept, too but Manowar is a legend in Turkey and many of us know their songs by heart. So most energies were spent for Manowar who played before Accept. I like a lot the Danish band, Volbeat but its biggest disadvantage was that they played before Hayko Cepkin and thus many fans preferred to enter the stadium after Hayko Cepkin and missed Volbeat act. Hayko Cepkin is a rocker from Turkey whom I respect but it wasn’t his place to be between Volbeat and Manowar. Many of us hated to listen to him.

The first day was much better but of course it was due to the headliner: Rammstein. Many like them for their stage show but I kinda like their music, too. That’s when I lost my mind and my neck still aches. I could never like Alice in Chains and for me that was the worst part of the first day:)

Ok today is the big day. For ordinary fans Metallica is the superstar but for me, I am going there to watch Slayer live…
Rammstein on stage

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