Elif: Turkish media discusses ?the nanny on the yacht?: Sense of humor or sarcasm?

Turkish media discuss ?the nanny on the yacht?: Sense of humor or sarcasm?

Writing an article is difficult.

Writing an article in one of the best selling newspapers is more difficult.

Writing lifestyle stuff in one of the best selling newspapers is more and more difficult.

To add humour while writing and article in a best selling newspaper is the most difficult of all.

One of the columnists of Hürriyet Newspaper Sibel Arna has written an article about her holiday with her little son and his nanny that initiated a debate on discrimination and othering.

According to what she says, the nanny lost herself when she saw the sea and the luxury and forgot her responsibilities. Arna tells us that nanny cooked the wrong kind of soup for her son, she didn?t take care of him and she seemed to be much more curious about scuba diving, swimming and other stuff.

In her article the tone was too sarcastic that when I and a large  number of people read the article we could see the obvious discrimination, othering and the signs of hate speech which reminds the battle between proletarian and the bourgeois class, Marx has told us a long ago.

Also the article strengthens the stereotype that poor people are too much concerned with the life style of the riches.

Besides, if the reader feels the sarcasm and teasing; it means author failed in conveying a joke.

After all, I waited for a big apology from the columnist but she was content with telling that she had sent the nanny to holiday.

Is that enough?


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2 thoughts on “Elif: Turkish media discusses ?the nanny on the yacht?: Sense of humor or sarcasm?

  1. Sibel Arna (veya yazısını kontrol etmeyen editörü) kovulana dek Hürriyet gazetesi almayın; Hürriyet’e ilan vermeyin. Ancak tepkinizi verirseniz gazete kendini düzeltme ihtiyacı duyar.

    She should pay the price.

  2. Sibel Arna’nın yazısını okudum. Arna’nın ne kadar parası ne iş yapar onu da bilmem. Kendisi konuya gayet insani(!)yaklaşmış bir yazar olarak siz -belli ki ortada bir sorun var- ne diye oturup nanny ile konuşmak yerine milleti meşgul ediyosunz. Sizin gibi fil dişi kulesi yazarları zaten ancak bu tip yazılar yazabilir..ŞAşırmadım..Sosyete hanım..

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