Can Erol on World Cup- Day 1: Group A: Lack of Quality (#worldcup)


The World Cup started with the first day games in Group A. Nelson Mandela could not show up for the opening game because of the tragic death of his grand daughter yesterday. Mexico and South Africa started the game with high level of anxiety. Galatasaray player Dos Santos was the first player to miss a simple goal as he had many in the season. Tshabalala scored the very first goal of the tournament with a fabulous strike. However, Rafa Marquez ended South Africa’s dreams to win the opening game.


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In the second game, Uruguay and France had a balanced 90 minutes and we can easily say that Uruguay reached its goal. They only give a few chances to France which could hardly set up attacking strategies. The midfielders Toulalan, Gourcuff and Diaby was successful on the defense side but their capacity fell short in organizing attacking activities. For the first day, there were two remarkable issues for the fans: 1. The lack of quality 2. The annoying sound of Vuvuzela!

And Erkan’s roundup:

Kurdish State TV channel will provide World Cup reviews in Kurdish. via

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The first Football World Cup to take place in Africa kicks off today in Johannesburg. Commentators write that the championships will allow Africa to correct its image as a poor and violent continent, while in Europe the event is a welcome distraction from the economic crisis and austerity packages.

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World Cup LogoIn the spirit of competition, Facebook has launched a Goal Leaderboard on the company?s Sports page, tracking the most passionate fans of the various World Cup teams. The Leaderboard is powered by Involver, and enables users to become fans directly from within the Page. The leaderboard also tracks intensity, which is a measure of likes of a team within a given period of time.

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Being too lazy and uninspired to write a decent World Cup post myself, I shall point our readers to a truly funny column by Dave Barry, in the Miami Herald, on football-related activities. One quote:

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