On my way to Niğde


A few minutes later, a family trip begins from Istanbul to Niğde.  My younger brother Hakan has graduated from Economics Department of Niğde University and tomorrow there is the graduation ceremony. My parents, my sister Nurdan and I are starting a 900 km trip now… I hope to be back by Thursday. I am so annoyed with traveling with my parents. I was busy to go earlier by bus or by train to Niğde. Now I am doomed to go with my parents:)

5 thoughts on “On my way to Niğde

    1. Parents are ok but i would prefer not to travel together. However, this time it worked just fine:)

  1. Actually, in my story, it’s the parent who will not travel with her sons. But if it worked for you, Erkan, I might decide to try it.Take care.:)

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