WordPress founder in Turkey, a slide on Facebook Turkey stats and more..


Matt Mullenweg lecturing on 29 May. Contact info.

Facebook Turkey stats here.


The Partisan Internet and the Wider World

from …My heart’s in Accra by Ethan

Is the internet making us more partisan?

This is one of the most persistent debates in the study of cyberspace. Cass Sunstein, legal scholar, author and now Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, wrote Republic.com in 2002, which made the case that the Internet would lead us to cocoon ourselves in information that confirmed our suspicions, opinions and beliefs. He?s developed the argument further in a Republic.com 2.0, Infotopia (my review here) and Going to Extremes.

More Arabs Use Facebook Than Read Newspapers

from All Facebook by Nick O’Neill

Arabic FacebookThe BBC has concluded that based on the numbers presented by Spot On Public Relations about the growth of Facebook use in Arab countries, Facebook now outstrips the total number of newspaper copies in the region. While it has been well established that the newspaper industry is dying, it?s important to note the growing influence of Facebook in other regions around the world.

Re-Imagining Education Journalism: How Innovative Business Models Could Save Education Media
Source: Brookings Institution

Like so many facets of traditional media, education journalism is experiencing a wrenching transformation in terms of business models, organizational structure and news delivery. Old business models have collapsed, while new ones still are in the formative stage. Digital technologies have fundamentally altered the way news is gathered and delivered and the manner in which consumers access information. The result is a media ecosystem that is dramatically different from any other era in American journalism.

MENA: To Draw or Not to Draw Muhammed

from Global Voices Online by Amira Al Hussaini

By Amira Al Hussaini

May 20 has come and gone, but the fire ignited by the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day on Facebook, is still raging, fueled by discussions on freedom of expression, freedom of religion and beliefs, and the standards – or double standards – employed by Facebook.

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