Erkan recommends: Vavien, Devrim Arabaları, In the Loop

A nice Vavien post here.

I have become an Engin Günaydın fan since I recognized him at Avrupa Yakası sit-com. In fact he was already known with his acting before among many TV watchers. What he does now is he embarks on script writing and adds more talents to his career. There are many vulgar Turkish comedy films around in recent years. This is not a comedy per se but adds some drama and thriller with intelligence (reminding early Fargo Brother movies).

IMDB plot summary:
In the years of pulse, Turkey was unable to produce its own cars. But Pasha believed that Turkish people can produce their own cars so he ordered 2 cars. Gunduz and engineers with him must produce 2 cars in only 130 days!

I am not sure about the cinematic quality but this movie have chosen such a heart-breaking topic. It is a great work of art that represents how idealist Republican ideals were killed off by the Republican bureaucracy in Turkey. Naivete of early Turkish aspirations…
In the Loop reminds me Wag the Dog slightly in case of media manipulation and it can also be listed among the movies that criticize how masses were manipulated in the start of Iraqi invasion…

A British style foul-mouthed comedy that must not be missed.

Lost finale roundup

from by Aaron Cohen

I get giddy around big television events. The Lost finale this weekend certainly qualifies and a big question is, “Will fans of the show be satisfied with how it ends?” From Seinfeld to the Sopranos (for different reasons), series finales have a history of being disappointing. In this way, it’s almost easier when a show is canceled because then we get to blame the network as opposed to the writers. That said, I want to be satisfied Sunday. LOTS of other people are talking about Lost this week. Here’s what some of them are saying:

Cannes focuses on emerging filmmakers

from Hurriyet Dailynews by CANNES – The Associated Press
The French Riviera’s 12-day Cannes Film Festival kicked off Wednesday with a gala screening of Ridley Scott’s ‘Robin Hood,’ starring Russel Crowe and Cate Blanchett. The festival has 19 films dominated by emerging filmmakers from Asia, Eastern Europe and elsewhere. The festival jury is led by Tim Burton, director of the recent ?Alice in Wonderland?

Cannes diary

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Former winner Mike Leigh returns for Another Year

Two films show rise of immigrant Turks in cinema

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Turkish immigrants in Europe take center stage in two films from non-Turkish directors currently playing in theaters. Here’s a look at how the depictions of the lives of Turks people in Europe have changed in cinema over the last three decades

In pictures: Palme d’Or contenders

Robbin? in the Hood

by melisb
(still behind in festival reports, but had to get this in)

Disclaimer: I love the Scott Brothers, and am positively biased towards all of their work. (Yes, that includes Black Hawk Down and Domino.)

IFF Day 13: The Misfortunates, Kosmos, Tulay German

from sinefil by melisb
Completed on May 18th – It’s becoming hard to write these, as it’s been a while…

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

from sinefil by melisb

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