US Foreign Policy establishment bitchin’ about the nuclear deal

Not that US arguments are all wrong but US Foreign Policy does not offer more than sanctions to Iran and this is nothing new. No innovation, no change in their policy although diplomacy requires constant fine tuning. US still chooses the only option of threatening and then wonders why they are not liked in Middle East… Mr. Obama continues to be a disappointment in matters of foreign policy…

Brazil, Turkey defend nuclear deal with Iran

from Yahoo news
Brazil and Turkey urged the U.N. Security Council to refrain from more sanctions for Iran, saying Wednesday a compromise they brokered this week is the best way to resolve the dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program.

America Moves the Goalposts

from NYT > Turkey by By ROGER COHEN
Further sanctions will not change Iran’s nuclear behavior; negotiations might. The Brazilian-Turkish Iran deal is worth pursuing.

Turkey undeterred by skepticism over Iran nuke accord

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The skepticism that has greeted Monday’s nuclear accord between Turkey, Brazil and Iran risks increasing tensions or provoking conflict, Ankara says. As the US continues to lobby for another round of sanctions against the Islamic republic, Turkey asks all parties to ‘give peace a chance’

Turkey’s work on Iran nuclear deal shows emerging diplomatic power

from Yahoo news
While the US has continued to press for UN Security Council sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, Turkey’s high-profile role in brokering a nuclear deal with Tehran is just the latest sign of an emerging diplomatic power.

Iran to scrap nuclear fuel swap deal if UN sanctions approved

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Iran said it will back out of an agreement to swap enriched uranium for reactor fuel if the United Nations Security Council approves a US-sponsored proposal for a fourth round of sanctions aimed at curbing the country?s nuclear development.

Brazil, Turkey try to stymie UN sanctions on Iran

from Yahoo news
by Staff Writers Brasilia (AFP) May 19, 2010 Brazil and Turkey on Wednesday urged their fellow UN Security Council members to heed a deal they struck with Iran over its nuclear program, in a last-minute bid to block a sanctions vote against Tehran.

KERİM BALCI – Uranium swap deal with Iran

The nuclear fuel swap deal signed on Monday by Iran on one side and Turkey and Brazil on the other sent a shockwave through the West, which had reached an internal agreement over further sanctions on Iran.

Iran, nuclear weapons and Turkey by Haluk Özdalga

According to the US and other Western states, Iran’s goal is to produce nuclear weapons. Iran, however, argues that it wants to have nuclear technology for purely peaceful purposes. Who is right?

LALE KEMAL – US should respect Iranian uranium deal

It may be understandable that the US and some other Western nations may have suspicions over whether Iran will respect a uranium swap deal that it struck in Tehran last Monday with Turkey and Brazil.

Despite apparent Iran setback, Turkey expands its reach

from Yahoo news
ISTANBUL Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu reached far when praising the nuclear fuel swap deal that Turkey helped broker with Iran on Monday.

UE/Turquie: l?Espagne promet de faire avancer l?adhésion d?Ankara

by acturca


12 mai 2010

La Présidence espagnole de l?UE s?est montrée confiante dans le fait que les négociations d?adhésion avec la Turquie allaient avancer d?ici la fin de son mandat, le 30 juin. « Il est difficile de dire combien mais il est certain que certains chapitres seront ouverts pendant la présidence espagnole », a déclaré le ministre espagnol des Affaires étrangères, Miguel Angel Moratinos, lors d?une conférence de presse conjointe avec son homologue turc, Ahmet Davutoglu, et le commissaire chargé de l?Elargissement et de la Politique de voisinage, Stefan Füle, le 10 mai.

Turquie : pas de carrière sans ma mère

by acturca

Alternatives Internationales (France), 1 mars 2010

Zeynep Aycan *

Le diplôme leur a ouvert les portes des entreprises, mais ne les a pas soulagées des tâches traditionnellement assignées aux femmes. Si les cadres font face, c?est grâce au soutien de la génération précédente qui n?a pu réaliser ses aspirations.

İBRAHİM KALIN – Three benchmarks in Turkish foreign policy

Three major events filled the agenda of Turkish foreign policy last week. In less than a week, Turkish officials hosted Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, paid an official visit to Greece and signed a histori

Spain-Turkey Civic Forum. Reinforcing bilateral relations for a common european vision

by acturca

Monografies Mediterrànies (IEMed), No: 8, December 2009, 213 pages

European Institute of the Mediterranean

c deal with Brazil and Iran on the nuclear issue.

La Turquie à la croisée des chemins

by acturca

France Soir, 18/05/10

Alexandre Del Valle

Ces derniers jours, plusieurs évènements inédits ont marqué la Turquie : le vote du projet de réforme constitutionnelle, les accords stratégiques russo-turcs, la visite d?Erdogan en Grèce, et sa participation au sommet des Non Alignés du « G15 » à Téhéran ce week end.

Turkey in Europe and beyond: the Cyprus issue

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
Pessimists have always outnumbered optimists so far as resolving the Cyprus problem is concerned ? and rightly so.

US Armenians seek to stop award for Davutoğlu

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The largest US Armenian group is trying to keep a leading Washington, DC, think tank from honoring the Turkish foreign minister with an award.

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