Erkan recommends three books, Coetzee’s Summertime and two more..

I would like to mention three books I have recently read and liked.
J.M. Coetzee is no new to me and I am his fan since I have read Disgrace: A Novel. Summertime is “a semisequel to the fictionalized memoirs Boyhood and Youth that takes the form of a young biographer’s interviews with colleagues of the late author John Coetzee.” I have loved this kind of fictionalized authobiographical work in addition to his powerful language and theme of a lonely man of which I am always interested in. It is not as majestic as Disgrace but full recommended.

Roberto Bolano is a new find for me. His posthumously published 2666 is a grand work (of 900 pages). It may be hard to begin knowing him with this work but that’s still worth it. Mr. Bolano is a micro-story teller within a major loosely connected theme. You can’t imagine how many stories withing strories you will find. And in the mean time, the first part of the novel is a great observation of academic life. Have a look:)
2666: A Novel by Roberto Bolaño

I have shifted my academic interests into new media literature, I may have declared that before and I keep reading what is available. Despite fast growing literature, not most works are exciting stuff. During my recent quest for the good works on new media, I could suggest Tiziana Terranova’s work on Network Culture. She is a frequent writer on network and new media related topics- I have seen and read pieces before and it was time to read a whole book. She knows her stuff, covers a wide area of related topics and smooth to read. Have a look:

Network Culture: Politics for the Information Age by Tiziana Terranova

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