Well, it is the Europe Day. A roundup as usual.

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My Europe Week: Mother?s Day and Europe Day 9 May 2010

by Grahnlaw

According to Wikipedia, if I counted correctly, it is Mother?s Day in a majority (14) of the member states of the European Union, globally in 77 countries this second Sunday of May 2010.

Being 9 May, this year Mother?s Day and Europe Day coincide in these 14 EU countries.


May 09, 1950 | EU Idea Emerges

Mavi Boncuk |Robert Schuman (1886-1963)

The politician Robert Schuman, a qualified lawyer and French foreign minister between 1948 and 1952, is regarded as one of the founding fathers of European unity.

Originating from the French-German border region of Alsace, despite, or maybe as a result of his experiences in Nazi Germany, he recognised that only a lasting reconciliation with Germany could form the basis for a united Europe. Deported to Germany in 1940, he joined the French Resistance upon fleeing two years later. In spite of this he showed no resentment, when following the war he became foreign minister.


My Europe Week: Transatlantic learning for better lawmaking

by Grahnlaw

Share your Europe, say the editors of Bloggingportal.eu. They have invited bloggers and non-bloggers to offer their visions for the future of Europe on the My Europe Week blog during this week until Europe Day 9 May 2010. A short while ago, there were 48 posts tagged #myeurope on the special Bloggingportal.eu page.


Speech by Guy Verhofstadt – 60 years since the Schuman Declaration

from ALDE News

Speech by Guy Verhofstadt

60 years since the Schuman Declaration
Ladies and gentlemen,

Sixty years ago our continent had to answer a crucial question: are we going to work, live and die like we did for so many decades? Or are we finally going to work together? Robert Schumann was the one answering that question. Knowing that only by European cooperation, only promoting a community method for coal and steel, only with more Europe we would reach peace and prosperity. And by answering that question he made the 9th of May a turning point in world history.


My Europe Week: EU lingua franca?

by Grahnlaw

If we applied the first past the post system, German would be the sole language of the European Union, being the mother tongue of the greatest proportion of the EU population (18 per cent), although far from an absolute majority (source: Wikipedia).

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Europe Day: How it went

from Stephen Spillane

Eurozone approves Greece bail-out

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Eurozone leaders approve an 110bn euro ($145bn; £95bn) loan to Greece to prevent its debt crisis from spreading.

Spain Emerges From Recession?

Well it is now official – or at least as official as it is going to get: the Spanish economy sneaked back into growth by a short head during the first three months of this year. According to data published in the Bank of Spain?s quarterly report on the Spanish economy, Spain?s GDP grew by 0.1% in the first quarter. Interannually output was still down by 1.3%, but this is evidently a considerable improvement on the 4.2% annual drop registered in the second quarter of last year, and much better than the 3.1% fall seen in the last three months of 2009.

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The dangers of a disgruntled Germany

by Centre for European Reform

By Katinka Barysch

Germany has finally agreed to help bail out Greece. The negotiations were acrimonious and took months. Angela Merkel?s hesitation and prevarication have increased the cost of the bail-out and unsettled financial markets. Politicians and commentators across the EU have accused Germany of being selfish and lacking solidarity with its EU partners. Germany feels isolated and misunderstood. The rift ? if badly handled ? could make Germany?s stance towards the EU more hard-nosed and inward-looking. Such a shift would change the way the EU works more than the Lisbon treaty ever could.

Biden urges ‘resolute European action’ to halt financial crisis

from Wash Post Europe by Neil Irwin and David Cho

MADRID — With the European debt crisis putting the fragile global economic recovery at risk, Vice President Biden met Saturday with Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and tried to walk a delicate line of encouraging a more forceful and unified response without appearing like a h…

Amusing UK election aside: The EU question and UKIP

from Nosemonkey’s EUtopia by nosemonkey

In the unusual Buckingham constituency*, UKIP?s Nigel Farage ? advocating withdrawal from the EU ? ended up in third place, despite a high-profile (non-fatal) election-day plane crash**.

How to both support and oppose the euro at the same time

from Federal Union by Richard Laming

One of the things that did for the Liberal Democrats in the general election campaign was their inability to explain their position on the euro. They were widely and generally accused of proposing that Britain should join the euro, at the same time that the eurozone is in economic crisis. Madness, supposedly educated opinion said.

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Europhiles lead ‘economic governance’ calls on Europe Day

from EurActiv.com by andrew

Europhiles marked this year’s Europe Day (9 May) by calling on Europe’s leaders to mark the 60th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which laid the foundations of today’s European Union, by creating an effective system of economic governance to reflect the needs of the times.

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