The other Hidrellez in a few hours…

The other Hidrellez starts in Sarıyer in a few hours… Official site here.

The Other Hidrellez

Türkiye'nin dört bir yanından Hıdralez coskusu
It was Hıdrellez. It was joyful. More photos at Hürriyet.

Hıdrellez celebrated in Turkey with fire and music

from Hurriyet Dailynews
More than 150,000 people celebrated the arrival of spring and the awakening of nature by Istanbul’s seaside at the Ahırkapı Hıdrellez Traditional Spring Festival.

Türkiye'nin dört bir yanından Hıdralez coskusu

Istanbul as a Financial Centre report from the Financial Times
Istanbul as a Financial Centre report, including governance, infrastructure, commercial property, islamic finance, restaurants, gold trading from

ANDREW FINKEL – The end of İstanbul as we know it

For once, and at a time when some of its peers in the media are being timorous at best, the Cumhuriyet newspaper has the indignation right. A banner headline last week declared the recent diktat by the Ministry of Transportation that it was going ahead with a third bridge across the Bosporus as nothing short of a death sentence on the city of İstanbul.

Istanbul Military Museum fills walls with colorful patchwork pieces
Hurriyet Daily News
The colorful pieces of patchwork and quilting art at a new exhibition, ‘Patch 2010-Kırkpare’ at the Istanbul Military Museum, tell stories and touch

Istanbul bus drivers take on traffic daily and win
Hurriyet Daily News
Many people are likely in their deepest moment of sleep when it is time for public bus drivers in Istanbul to hit the road in the morning

The Weekend Escape Plan — Istanbul — New York Magazine
The Beyoğlu district offers modern-art galleries, designer hotels, and boozy rooftop clubs within this historic Turkish city.

Istanbul’s Kurye festival draws top European figures

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Bahşeşehir University Beşiktaş Campus and Istanbul Modern will host the Kurye International Video Festival from May 7 to 16. The second edition of the event will showcase video selections and other projects from prestigious international partners while staging an unprecedented workshop program in order to promote video and digital arts in Istanbul

La Turquie annonce la construction d?un troisième pont sur le Bosphore

Agence France Presse

29 avril 2010

La Turquie a annoncé jeudi la construction d?un troisième pont sur le détroit du Bosphore, qui sépare l?Europe de l?Asie, pour désengorger Istanbul, une métropole de plus de 13 millions d?habitants à cheval sur les deux continents.

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