Garage del Parco

Here comes a post about a website which is neither in English nor in Turkish. It is in Italian: Garage del Parco. (A growing appeal for Erkan’s Field Diary?) A quick translation of the site that focuses on second hand cars can be found here. This is a website of a business that was established in 1978 and if you happen to be in Italy, this is a site to look for used cars (auto usate milano), to sell your used cars (vendita auto usate) or to buy used cars (compro auto usate). The website claims to be efficient, competent and thorough in offering service and assistance. You can have a look at its photo-gallery, get assistance from their page on how to buy a car or learn more about safety and guarantee issues. There is another page dedicated to privacy issues that are explained in detail. On the left hand side, you can fill in a form and the company will send you emails about cars you may buy…

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