AP Stylebook [finally] Officially Changes “Web site” to “website”

AP Stylebook Officially Changes “Web site” to “website”

from Writerswrite.com’s Writer’s Blog

The story of how Facebook and Twitter users lobbied the AP Stylebook to change ?web site? to ?website?

from Bloggasm by Simon

On the day the AP Stylebook announced it would change the requirement that its users refer to online destinations as ?web sites? to the more widely-used ?websites,? I sent a message to a person named Justin LaBerge requesting a phone interview. He responded quickly saying that he was ?about to go meet up with my GF for our Friday night plans (In light of today?s event, we have much to celebrate!)? When I spoke to him a few days later he said he was mostly kidding about the celebration part (he had been planning to go out with his girlfriend already) but that they did raise their glasses to ?toast? the news. ?You wouldn?t believe how many emails and Facebook messages I got when people saw that,? he told me.

The iPad, the Kindle, and the future of books

from kottke.org by Jason Kottke

Writing for the New Yorker, Ken Auletta surveys the ebook landscape: it’s Apple, Amazon, Google, and the book publishers engaged in a poker game for the hearts, minds, and wallets of book buyers. Kindle editions of books are selling well:

Logan Symposium Explores News Models For Investigative Reporting

from MediaShift

BERKELEY — We’re gathering at the University of California-Berkeley for Day 2 of the 4th Annual Reva and David Logan Investigative Reporting Symposium . There’s one presentation and one panel today before the group adjourns this afternoon. Coverage of Day 1 can be found here.

Best of Blog Awards 2010: And the Winners are?

from Global Voices Online by Solana Larsen
Logo_sublineThe BOBs have been decided!

Report: 6.8% Of Business Internet Traffic Goes To Facebook

from All Facebook by Neil Vidyarthi

A report from the Network Box shows that 6.8 percent of all the URLs accessed by businesses goes to Facebook and 10 percent of internet bandwidth goes to Youtube.  The study analyzed 13 billion URLs accessed by businesses and studied business bandwidths to find results, and found Facebook and Youtube leading other companies like Google and Yahoo.

Israel’s iPad ban

from FP Passport by Joshua Keating

Live Blog: Logan Symposium on Investigative Reporting at Berkeley

from MediaShift

BERKELEY — I’m settling into a large auditorium at the University of California-Berkeley for the 4th Annual Reva and David Logan Investigative Reporting Symposium . Not to sound too snooty, but it’s an exclusive event that’s run by Lowell Bergman, professor of investigative reporting at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. Of course, Bergman is most famous for his work at “60 Minutes.” Plus, he was played by Al Pacino in “The Insider.” Each year, the symposium picks a theme, and brings you panels on that theme. This year’s theme: “The State of Play: Collaboration, Consequences, and Cash.”

Ning: Failures, Lessons and Six Alternatives

from Mashable! by Jolie O’Dell

Ning, the network of social networks that boasted 20 million visitors a month, is making massive staff cutbacks and has announced a complete end to free services for its users. Those who pay for premium services will be asked to pay more, and those who are getting their social networks free of charge will be asked to fork over or phase off the Ning platform.

European Public Policy Blog: Controversial content and free expression: a refresher:

Monday, April 19, 2010 | 6:35 PM

Labels: Controversial Content, Free Expression

Two and a half years ago, we outlined our approach to removing content from Google products and services. Our process hasn?t changed since then, but our recent decision to stop censoring search on Google.cn has raised new questions about when we remove content, and how we respond to censorship demands by governments. So we figured it was time for a refresher.

Facebook Now Commands 41% of Social Media Traffic [STATS]

from Mashable! by Jolie O’Dell

Facebook and YouTube are displacing rivals and taking over the social web, according to data we?ve just received from comScore.

Vogue Features Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in May Issue

from Mashable! by Jennifer Van Grove

The May 2010 edition of Vogue pays homage to great American women. One of those women happens to be Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, and the glowing editorial profile couldn?t have come at a better time ? just days before f8 and amidst a new batch of Facebook features and revised privacy terms.

Microsoft Launches Social Media Platform for Politicians

from Mashable! by Jennifer Van Grove

How Recruiters are Using Social Media for Real Results

from Mashable! by Sharlyn Lauby

Facebook?s New ?Like? Button And The Anonymized ?Like? Stream

from All Facebook by Nick O’Neill

Last night?s story from the Financial Times about a behavioral ad network being powered by Facebook?s new Like button turned out to be completely false and the article was quickly changed to reveal nothing new. However with all the discussion around Facebook?s new ?Like? button and speculation about its implications, we?ve come to our own conclusions about what will make Facebook?s new ?Like? button a huge deal and spark a second developer gold rush.

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