Beşiktaş: Champion of Sympathy
According to another survey on football fans in Turkey, Beşiktaş is the third biggest football club in terms of fan numbers. However, it is the most sympathized team among other teams’ fans.. More findings here.

In the mean time, it has become too complicate to estimate who will win Turkish Super League. Dear Ahmet Turgut has a good roundup:


from Turkey(Turkiye) football(soccer) by Ahmet Turgut


Things at Turkish Turkcell Super League are getting hotter as we get close to the end of the rope.

It is like jungle …

and some previous stuff I piled up…

Besiktas skated to scoreless tie

from Besiktas JK Fan Site

Eagle faces a crucial game with Trabzon

from Besiktas JK Fan Site

Besiktas aiming to close the five-point gap to leader by winning the Trabzonspor game in the critical game of Turkcell Super League.

Title contenders meet European hopefuls in Turkey with third-placed Beşiktaş aiming to close the five-point gap to leaders Bursaspor. The champions are unbeaten in seven but are struggling to keep pace with their title rivals including Fenerbahçe SK, whom they meet next week.

Eagles downed Eskisehir by coming from behind:3-2

from Besiktas JK Fan Site

Besiktas made 5 wins in last 6 Super League as they bet Eskisehirspor 3-2 by coming from behind.

Fenerbahce players celebrate  after their goal against Galatasaray  ...

Fenerbahce players celebrate after their goal against Galatasaray during their Turkey Super League soccer derby match at Ali Sami Yen Stadium in Istanbul March 28, 2010.

REUTERS/Osman Orsal

Yellow Canaries and their Soccer Rivalry

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

Selcuk Sahin (Hawk) scored the last goal in a 1-0 win against the historic rivals of Fenerbahce, Kadikoy’s Yellow Canaries.Out of their 364 games this was the most common score for 68 times. 2-1 score appears for 45 times.
Mavi Boncuk |
The rivalry started January 17, 1909 at Priest’s Field/Papazın Çayırı with a 2-0 loss and with 7 more no win no goals against games until January 4, 1914 at Union Club field Istanbul League game with a 4-2 score and a first goal by Hasan Kamil Sporel.

The social rationality of footballers

from ICCI Home

Are footballers rational? It all depends on what their goals are (no pun intended). We will not be talking here about behavior outside the field, as it’s not entirely clear what norms of rationality one should use in this case (as George Best put it: “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.”). However, when playing, footballers seem to have a very clear incentive: winning the game. After all, the indecent salaries of many professional footballers depend on their team winning as many games as possible. Nowhere is the situation as clear-cut as in penalty kicks. The kicker must put the ball into the nets while the goalkeeper must stop him from achieving his goal, period. Surely, the combination of huge stakes and intensive training should produce optimal behavior on both sides of a penalty kick. This is what Michael Bar-Eli and his colleagues have tried to find out in research reported here.

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