Clash of the Titans a failure, lemme suggest something else

If we were duped with 3D magic, I would not be too disappointed. This film does not deserve to be labeled as 3D. And otherwise, the plot is not strong. Action scenes are not satisfactory. But I would see it anyway because I tend to watch whatever exists there:)

Thanks to, I have found some interesting movies recently. Check out: Madeo (2009), Seksmisja (1984), Ai no mukidashi (2008)

Clash of the Titans Set to Rule Box Office

from Fantasy SF Blog

Clash of the Titans

The Clash of the Titans remake starring Sam Worthington is likely to rule the box office this weekend, reports Hollywood Reporter.

Among the recently watched movies Rossellini’s war trilogy is a documetary like work on the stark poverty of Europe in World War aftermath:

Roberto Rossellini’s War Trilogy (Rome Open City/Paisan/Germany Year Zero) (Criterion Collection)

IFF 6: The Shock Doctrine, Dancing Dreams

from sinefil

Docu-Day at IFF.

The Shock Doctrine was adapted by Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross from Naomi Klein’s book. It features the author in many speeches, too many for my taste. She essentially argues that extreme capitalism feeds on ‘shock’: wars, disasters, etc. She starts from the Chilean coup, goes over the fall of the USSR, Gulf Wars, mentions Katrina and the Asian tsunami, and pretty much blames everything that is wrong with the world on Milton Friedman. While it was interesting to watch some of the archival footage, I found there to be too many leaps in her argumentation. Also, I don’t get the use of Fargo soundtrack. (They also use some random Michael Nyman, just like Man on Wire did last year.)

IFF 5: The Girl with the Red Scarf

from sinefil

The Girl with the Red Scarf (Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım) is one of the greatest classics of Turkish cinema, and I had been embarrassed long enough for not having seen it. No more! A restored version was shown on Wednesday night, with most of the cast and crew present. The director, Atıf Yılmaz, has passed away in 2006. He was one of the most prolific and significant filmmakers of Turkish cinema.

IFF 3: Colony, Birds of Foreign Land, Whip It

from sinefil by melisb

Colony is about the disappearance of bees a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, the film tells its story mostly through a handful of (rather uninspiring) beekeepers. And since no one really knows why this has happened, it cannot go beyond a few talking head discussing the possible reasons. All this talk, and sound problems to boot (soundtrack was louder than the dialogues), does not make for an exciting viewing.

Russia: Bloggers Discuss Andrzej Wajda’s ?Katy?? Movie

from Global Voices Online by Alexey Sidorenko

For the first time in Russian history, Andrzej Wajda‘s [ENG] ?Katy?? (2007) has been aired on Russian public television channel ?Kultura? [ENG] provoking online discussions on Stalin regime, historical truth, humanism and Russian-Poland relations.

Katy? movie poster, Wikimedia CommonsKaty? movie poster, Wikimedia Commons

The Katyn massacre [ENG], a deliberate execution of almost 22,000 Polish officers by the Russian NKVD officers [ENG] in 1940 remains the main unresolved historical issue between contemporary Russia and Poland. Throughout almost 50 years official Soviet propaganda said that Katyn had been a Nazi war crime until in 1990 Mikhail Gorbachev recognized the NKVD murders.

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