A video: Collateral Murder


photo credits: Boing Boing

Wikileaks has obtained and decrypted this previously unreleased video footage from a US Apache helicopter in 2007. It shows Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Eldeen, driver Saeed Chmagh, and several others as the Apache shoots and kills them in a public square in Eastern Baghdad. They are apparently assumed to be insurgents. After the initial shooting, an unarmed group of adults and children in a minivan arrives on the scene and attempts to transport the wounded. They are fired upon as well. The official statement on this incident initially listed all adults as insurgents and claimed the US military did not know how the deaths ocurred. Wikileaks released this video with transcripts and a package of supporting documents on April 5th 2010 on http://collateralmurder.com

Wikileaks’ explosive scoop

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Leaked video shows US gunships killing Iraqi civilians, Dries Belet

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Dries Belet

A classified US military video, showing an Apache helicopter strafing Iraqi civilians in Baghdad, was leaked yesterday. In the footage, which was posted on WikiLeaks.org, a US air crew can be seen firing upon a dozen or so Iraqis, including journalists and children, after mistaking the civilians? cameras for weapons. The graphic video from July 2007, accompanied by the military?s audio transmissions, shocks due to the pilots? trigger-happy attitude. ?All right, haha, I hit ?em?, one crewman shouts, followed a little later by another?s response, ?Oh, yeah, look at those dead bastards?.

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