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My new years resolution is to make an infographic on every This American Life ever made. The idea is to expand and add context to the stories and information contained in the shows. Basically, anything I am curious about while listening to the pieces.


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Anger & Outrage on Rise Since Obama?s inauguration

from The Global Language Monitor

Trend:  Disillusionment, Anger & Outrage

on the Rise Since Obama?s inauguration

?Deficit of Trust? and ?Numbing weight of our political process? appear to be keepers

Obama State of the Union at 8th Grade Level; Deft use of Passive Constructions


Austin, TX February 1, 2010.  According to an exclusive analysis by the Global Language Monitor, the disillusionment, anger, and outrage acknowledged by President Obama in his State of the Union address has been on the rise since Obama?s election in November 2008.

?Much has been written about what the President in his State of the Union message called the ?numbing weight of our political process? and the ?deficit of trust? it thus engenders,? said Paul JJ Payack, President and Chief Word Analyst.  ?The disillusionment, anger and outrage should not be a surprise, especially to students of political language, who have been analyzing what is being said in the political realm over the last 18 months.  (That this comes as a revelation to our political elites, however, should serve, once again, as a sobering lesson or, even, cautionary tale.)?

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