“AAA Annual Meeting Call for Papers Now Open (#AAA2010)

Special issue of Science as Culture on Identity and Narrative in STS

from Somatosphere by Eugene Raikhel

The latest issue of Science as Culture focuses on a topic which has long been central to cultural anthropology, but remains relatively novel in science and technology studies (STS): first-person narrative and the relationship between scholars and their objects of study. As Benjamin R. Cohen and Wyatt Galusky, the guest editors of the special issue, write in their introduction:

AAA Annual Meeting Call for Papers Now Open

from American Anthropological Association by Jason

The Call for Papers Site is now accepting submissions to participate in the 109th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association.  Submissions are due by 5pm EST on April 1st.  The meeting will be located in New Orleans, Louisiana November 17-21, 2010.  Follow or contribute to the discussion on Twitter using the #AAA2010 hashtag!

Food and Anthropology, the blog you have been waiting for!

from FoodAnthropology by David Beriss

Welcome to the blog of the Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition.

Someday this blog will be seen as one of the first steps in establishing SAFN as the place people go when they ask, ?what would an anthropologist think about food??  If you have not asked that question yet, then you should.  Read here to find out why.  Right now there is really only one other place you can go for that kind of information and it is also part of the growing SAFN intellectual empire: http://www.nutritionalanthro.org/.  That is the SAFN home page, of course.  If you go there, you can join in with hundreds of others who are discussing food, nutrition and anthropology right now.  Also, there are some nice pictures and some really useful information on the SAFN bulletin board.  If you join SAFN, you can get access to even more stuff, such as our brilliant syllabi set.

US Military Should Rely on Social Science More to Fight Jihadism
Security Management
(For more on athropologists’ criticisms of the Human Terrain System, see Laura Spadanuta’s article “Anthropology and the Army” in this month’s print issue.

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