International Women’s Day celebrated

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Rights activist İlkkaracan: Turkey needs urgent initiative on gender equality

Activist and researcher Pınar İlkkaracan has said Turkey needs to work harder in order to reverse some downward trends in women’s participation in public life, and for that to happen it should start an initiative, complete with budgetary allocations and time and target-bound measures.

“To be a woman”

International Women’s Day
from ORGANIZED RAGE by Mick Hall

Mixed emotions on Women’s Day in Eastern Europe

from by Georgi

Many people, especially those above 35 living in Eastern Europe, still associate 8 March with the old official Communist celebrations, with faded red cloves and drunken men ‘celebrating’ Women’s Day. But gradually the day, which symbolises female emancipation, has gained new legitimacy, a tour of the EurActiv network reveals.


A Long Road to “Equal”: A Glimpse at the Status of Women in Turkey

from Turkish Politics in Action by Ragan Updegraff

Turkey should be praised as being one of the first countries to enfranchise women (in 1934) and for making equal rights for women a key part of the Ataturk reform era. At the same time, the status of women in Turkey seems to be getting worse on a number of fronts. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report, Turkey came in 129 of 134 countries surveyed, consistently falling in the rankings over the past years. And, according to the UN Development Program’s Gender Empowerment Measure, Turkey ranked 101 out of 109 countries surveyed, placing Turkey, the 17th-largest economy in the world among countris far less developed.

Five leading women outline visions for Europe 2020

from by daniela

To celebrate Women’s Day, EurActiv asked five prominent women to set out their visions for the future of the European Union. Starting with Dalia Grybauskait?, president of Lithuania, these successful professionals are symbols of the economic, political and social achievements of Europe’s women.

Women: reflections on our human rights,

by openDemocracy
Jane Gabriel
It’s seventeen years since women’s rights were recognised as human rights at the <a href=””>World Conference on Human Rights</a> held in Vienna. openDemocracy writers examine the struggle to turn these rights into a day-to-day reality for women and girls and examine the challenges that lie ahead

Women UN limited logo and link

Equality Report: Once More a Confession of Failure for Turkey

from Bianet :: English
The women’s organization KA.DER issued the third “Report on the Representation of Gender Equality in Turkey”. Turkey, “still resisting to gender equality on the 100th anniversary of the World Women’s Day on 8 March”, gained zero credits in the 2010 report.

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