Fitna arrives Britain

Fitna (pl. fitan) (????) is an Arabic word with connotations of secession, upheaval and chaos. It is often used to refer to civil war, disagreement and division within Islam and specifically alludes to a time involving trials of faith, similar to the Tribulation in Christian eschatology. (Wikipedia)

The Fitna of Geert Wilders

from the blog! by Jamal
The racist (and soon to be Dutch Prime Minister) has arrived in the UK. This time, there were no protests for Geert Wilders and his Islamophobic movie ?Fitna? which is good. Just as the cartoons controversy was an opportunity to respond by reintroducing Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) to the West, Wilders?s […]

Dutch MP in London to show anti-Islam film

from – World, Europe
The arrival of the far-right politician Geert Wilders is extremely sensitive at a time when the mainstream UK political parties are attempting to work together to counter the British National Party

Time to take Geert Wilders seriously

from FP Passport by Joshua Keating

Dutch far-right breakthrough met with Muslim disbelief < | Expatica The Netherlands

BERİL DEDEOĞLU – The Nigel Farage case and the EU

What happened in the European Parliament on Feb. 24 hasn?t received too much attention from the Turkish press, unfortunately. Nevertheless, what Member of European Parliament (MEP) Nigel Farage said to the ?President of Europe? and former Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy was quite interesting.

Anti-Islamists set for large gains in Dutch election

from by Claire

The Dutch extreme-right Freedom Party, led by controversial anti-Islamist Geert Wilders, looks set to make large electoral gains at the upcoming general election with an outside chance of becoming the Netherlands’ largest party, according to the latest polls.

MAIN FOCUS: Wilders’ success unsettles Europe | 05/03/2010

from euro|topics

The Dutch politician Geert Wilders, a controversial figure owing to his anti-Islamic views, won many voters over to his party, the Party for Freedom, in Wednesday’s local elections in the Netherlands. If he manages to repeat the success in the parliamentary elections slated for June 9, Dutch politics will be destabilised and Europe will be forced to deal seriously with the right-wing populist, writes the European press.

Deconstructing Geert Wilders

from Globalclashes by Christelle Nadia

The Daily Telegraph has a portrait of Geert Wilders, the Dutch extreme right politician whose party is calling for the stop of the Islamization of the Netherlands and increasing its popularity with that message. Sugary excerpt:

Europe 2020 – The missing points

by Julien Frisch

I was born in a socialist country, so I am no fan of 10-year plans unless they come from the European Union.

With the Lisbon Strategy, the EU has invented the internet. It has reformed its agricultural policy and made it greener, more efficient, and more fair for the rest of the world. It has become a global leader in protecting human rights. And English has become our lingua franca that every EU citizen speaks beside his mother tongue and the languages of all national minorities (including Welsh).

Latvia: No victory yet, no defeat either

from A Fistful Of Euros » A Fistful Of Euros by Morten Hansen

Some comments or, perhaps better, some additions to Ed Hugh?s piece of February 26, To Soon To Cry ?Victory? on Latvia?, by Morten Hansen, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

Falsification of Greek Public Accounts: Hearing at the European Parliament

from ALDE News

BBC News ? Lords force rethink of government?s online piracy plans

from CyberLaw Blog by admin

(Entry by Dr. Yaman Akdeniz)

Good news and bad news at the same time. Glad the Lords thought the government?s plan was no good but at the same time they offered ?court ordered blocking powers? as an alternative measure. Website blocking is a crude measure and it is not even half a preventative measure. It does not address the ?problem? and by blocking access to websites the alleged infringements d o not disappear. What happens is that users are punished rather than the offenders who uploaded the allegedly infringing materials in the first place.

MAIN FOCUS: The EU prescribes itself a dose of growth | 04/03/2010

from euro|topics

The European Union is to become more economically stable, more successful in education policy and more environmentally friendly. These are the aims of the new “Europe 2020” growth strategy which EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso presented on Wednesday in Brussels. But the goals don’t go far enough and fail to provide the groundwork for a European economic government, writes the press.

Commission breaks impasse on GMOs

from Public Affairs 2.0 by fhknobby

The new Barroso Commission has wasted no time in grasping the GMO nettle, after years of delay and obfuscation. It is authorising the cultivation and use of Amflora, a new genetically modified potato for industrial use, while at the same time working on a policy which will allow individual member states to forbid the cultivation of GM crops on their territory. I guess this optional approach is the only way to resolve an impasse based far more on sentiment than science.

Financing Europe?s Energy and Climate Action Needs

from Public Affairs 2.0 by fhbrussels

Greatings from a sunny, if cold, Washington D.C. where we?ve been having our global public affairs meeting over the past couple of days. Many highlights in the course of the two days, much of which you can catch at the FH Public Affairs twitter account. DC colleague Silvio Marcacci patiently sat at the back of the room  tweeting away as various colleagues gave their views on everything from food safety and healthcare to energy and financial services. We?ve also some video that we shall be seeking to upload on the FH Public Affairs Youtube Channel.

KLAUS JURGENS – Bailouts, bonds, EU, IMF: Greece considers its options

How things have changed: scenes of unrest, police engaged in clashes with fellow citizens, the use of teargas, economic turmoil. What frequently occurred in the Turkey of the past is now the staple diet in neighboring Greece.

Greek tragedy, EU strategy

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou clearly and bitterly said Greece is on the brink of bankruptcy and that a process which will be painful for the Greek nation has started, adding that it is a struggle just to stay alive. Papandreou quickly began introducing new measures in the country.

The Antithesis of Justice : Criminal Convictions in Italy of Google Execs Point to Flaws in European Union (EU) Law

from EU Pundit by Andis Kaulins

We posted about this absurd case previously at EU Pundit.

Struan Robertson, editor of, writes on March 3, 2010 in Google convictions reveal two flaws in EU law, not just Italian law inter alia as follows regarding the inexcusable criminal convictions of Google execs – made in absentia in Italy – for alleged untimely takedown of criminally offending video material posted online by youthful criminals in Italy and totally unknown to Google execs at the time for which their criminal conviction for non-action applies:

The Karlsruhe factor

by Open Europe blog team

As riot police today were forced to use tear gas against violent crowds in Athens protesting against further Greek spending cuts to narrow the country’s budget deficit (and save the eurozone), we recieved another reminder of German opposition to any cross-border rescue operation.

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  1. Since when is islam a race? And there were a lot of protest against and pro Wilders.
    You show as your first url a site of radical islamite who defines a woman as: mother, wife, daughter, cousin but first of all: slave of allah.

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