Today I was arrested (and then released…)

at 7.30 after check-in, I went through the passport control and the policeman told me that there was an arrest warrant about me. He did not know what the reason was and I was taken to a detention room. Later there I learnt the reason. It was about a trial of evading military service. As you know I did serve and came back in mid September 2009. However, there was a trial that had started before that. I had postponed the service several times as I was writing my thesis. In every postponement, there was a formal trial. Officials in the military service office had told me that these charges would drop as I had served. But it seems that the last trial did not stop there and hit me today.

I was taken to a cell with a group of other arrested passengers. A drug dealer, two Iranian dealers and pimps, two or three guys charged with financial fraud and a young guy charged with stabbing someone. We were taken to hospital twice before and after our police station stay and I was handcuffed during these hospital visits.

In late afternoon, 16.30, we could finally make it to the Court. After a few minutes of trial, the judge ordered me to bring necessary documents – that I have served and that I finished my dissertation: Tomorrow at 10:00, I have another trial. The judge told me he will probabably close the case. After the trial, my traveling abroad ban- yes I learnt that right now I am not allowed to leave the country- will end… In the mean time I miss the EUPRERA conference… I am a bit depressed now but I will be ok.

8 thoughts on “Today I was arrested (and then released…)

  1. That’s horrible. I’m glad it’s being sorted out but I’m sorry about the handcuffs. What an awful thing to experience.

  2. I can’t believe this! What an experience. I’m so sorry. And it’s so unfair. Specially that you endured those months, in the military service, so well, and with much professionalism, though you didn’t like it. Hope everything settles fast. And FINAL. Take care, friend.

  3. Gecmis olsun Erkan Hocam: Bu madde “Gencken denenmesi gereken binbir sey” listesinde var miydi ki!?

  4. Can’t you sue the Turkish State? It’s a shortcoming of the Turkish authorities that they didn’t know you already served. By doing so they a. maltreated you,b. deprived you of your freedom, c. denied you an important step in your career, d. gave you a bad name abroad, e. made themselves ridiculous.


  5. It’s like a Foucault Panopticon nightmare. So sorry that happened to you, Erkan. More stories for your eventual memoir…

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