Whom Americans like whom they don’t

Turkey not in the list though.

Which country do Americans like the most?

from FP Passport by Annie Lowrey

Canada, the latest Gallup poll shows:

Objective reporting and American politics

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

In “The Quest for Innocence and the Loss of Reality in Political Journalism on PressThink, Jay Rosen puts his finger on a major failing in American political journalism. Namely, that in the name of objectivity, political reporters shun evaluation of the objective truth of political claims. Rosen takes a recent and very good NYT story on the Tea Party movement, in which the reporter, David Barstow, describes the Tea Party movement as being built around a “narrative of impending tyranny.” But,

Profiling Americans Who Are Least Likely to Go Online

from Daily Bits by Arnold Zafra

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