Latest French obsession is halal burgers

Halal burgers raise French hackles

from – World, Europe
A chain of fast-food restaurants is in a pickle after saying some branches will use different ingredients to attract more Muslim customers

French politicians in a stew over fast-food chain’s halal menu

from – World, Europe
A chain of French fast-food restaurants has got itself in a pickle after it said some of its branches would serve only halal beefburgers to attract more Muslim…

French halal burger sparks appeal

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
A French town council lodges a complaint against a fast food chain that serves only halal meat at a local branch.

MAIN FOCUS: Europe wants tougher regulation of banks | 19/02/2010

from euro|topics

European banks will be subject to stricter regulation in the wake of the finance crisis. Governments and the EU Commission want to give more protection to depositors and up the onus on banks. The press welcomes the move in principle, but warns against the dangers of over-regulation.

LGBT Marriage in Denmark

from Institute for International Journalism by Yacong Yuan
By: Alexandra Laforce

In most countries around the world, gay and lesbian partners are seeking the right to marry or, depending on the country, enter into other legally recognized forms of domestic partnerships. The definition of marriage is up for debate across the globe, but the trend to legalize same-sex marriage is spreading. Denmark was the first European country to extend legal rights to same-sex couples in 1989. The number of same sex marriages continues to increase in Denmark as shown in the graph below.

Greece ‘needs European support’

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Greece’s Prime Minister says his country needs European support to cut debt levels effectively, but adds it does not need a bail-out.

EU Council information assessment early 2010

by Grahnlaw

The Lisbon Treaty was supposed to bring about a European Union ?in which decisions are taken as openly as possible and as closely as possible to the citizen?.

Almost two months into the new year 2010, several reasons have contributed to the modest results this far.

Dutch Goverment Falls over Afghanistan Mandate

from Atlantic Review by Nanne Zwagerman

It is a rather late stage in the game for the war effort in Afghanistan to claim its first political victim. But yesterday night the Dutch governing coalition broke up over the question of extending its mandate. And that less than a week after narrowly surviving a debate over the (purely symbolic) support for the war in Iraq back in 2003. The political process has its own pace in the Netherlands.

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