DVDs vs. Pirate copies..


via: Infographic: buying DVDs vs pirating them

DE ? New Internet Legislation Embarrasses German Government

from CyberLaw Blog by admin

Can E-readers and Tablets Save the News?

from Mashable! by Leah Betancourt

Google’s Living Stories to become open source

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Elizabeth Redman

google living ss1.pngGoogle has announced plans to take its Living Stories project open source, meaning that it will available to news outlets globally, The Guardian reported.

Social Media Integration Big Theme for 2010

from Social Media Examiner by Amy Porterfield

Iran: Cyber Islamic Militarism on the March

from Global Voices Online by Hamid Tehrani

The internet is usually touted as a space for dialogue and peaceful exchange, but in the case of Iran, the political conflict has also morphed into new forms of online ?warfare? where the most powerful weapons are those that silence free speech.

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