Turkey continues to embarrass: David Keyes on Turkey’s Internet Repression

Turkey’s Internet Repression
Wall Street Journal
By DAVID KEYES From my hotel balcony on Siraselviler street in the heart of Istanbul, I can see precisely why this bustling, modern metropolis deserves to

Hackers post Dink killer’s photo on Agos Web site
Today’s Zaman
Lawyers representing the co-plaintiffs in the Dink trial have long claimed that the murder was the doing of Ergenekon, a clandestine group charged with

Will the Alevi problem be solved? by MÜMTAZ?ERTÜRKÖNE

The government has embarked on a mission to solve the ?Alevi problem.? It assigned State Minister Faruk Çelik the responsibility of heading the Alevi initiative. So far seven Alevi workshops have been held with Necdet Subaşı, professor of philosophy, as the moderator.

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