Mobile Fun- an online mobile phone retailer

Mobile Fun is an online retailer site to get  phone accessories and mobile downloads. Thus it is a good place to check for iphone accessories, such as an iphone case or an iphone dock. It is based in the UK but can send products to other EU member countries. But not anywhere else at the moment. Its product range is over 5,000 and it offers more than 100,000 mobile downloads. Customer satisfaction cases can be found here and the site won several awards.

The site has a blog for the latest product campaigns and of course there is a section for Valentine gifts. But the most exciting part in terms of interactivity is its Forum sites. Handset and Accessory Discussions are classified into sub-forums by brand names. Mobile Technology section is divided into not brand names but specific technologies such as GPS & Satellite Navigation. In the forums, you will also find sections for Software and Gaming etc.

The site also has a compatibility checker for your mobile phone and a suggestion form. It is easy to navigate and with this big range of products and statistics of best selling stuff etc it is user-friendly that might trigger a shopping spree for mobile phone fanaticsJ Well to give an example of usability, when I did search for N95, that?s my Nokia phone, it offers such a range of related products that fixes your related desires (!):Nokia N95 Cases, Chargers, Car Holders, Screen Protectors, Desk Stands (I never thought about screen protectors for mobile phones in fact and also desk stands- the phone stays on the desk or the table and that?s it- Batteries, Hands Free Kits, Bluetooth Headsets, Memory Cards, Mobile Data, Spares, Speakers ? that would be fine in the office but i already get so many complaints of loud music- Car Kits, Headphones, GPS, Bluetooth Car Kits, Bluetooth Stereo, accessories and in fact it goes on…

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