Davos summit continues without the Turkish state

here is a twitter hashtag for Davos summit: #WEF

The international dimension: Turkey should use, not lose, Davos

How long should ?one minute? really last? Let us travel back in time. I remember all too well where I was writing my analysis of last year?s events with regard to Davos 2009.

All eyes on Davos: how media players are bringing the WEF closer to you

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Maria Conde

Leaders in Davos vow climate deal

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Politicians at the World Economic Forum in Davos vow to reach a “substantial” deal on climate change later this year in Mexico.

For all the Davos junkies out there

from FP Passport by Blake Hounshell

Regulation clash as Davos begins

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
The World Economic Forum in Davos begins with bankers and regulators clashing on plans for further regulation.

Zadek in Davos,

from open Democracy News Analysis – by openDemocracy
Simon Zadek
We’ve survived the economic crisis, but global governance failed. Davos 2010 <em>should</em> be about fixing it. Are we ready for de-Hayekification? From <a href=”http://www.zadek.net/”>Zadek’s blog</a>.

Reinventing Economic Governance at the 600th Hour

A well-worn ritual is that in the days preceding Davos folks like me are asked by assorted bystanders, ?what will it all be about this year?. And so as I begin my annual pilgrimage up the Magic Mountain, I find myself musing on this modern koan. Yes, we will surely talk about financial regulation, or perhaps just about the forthcoming assault on bankers. And yes, we will surely wring our hands about Copenhagen and debate how best to move forward. And certainly, we will review progress in emerging from the recession, and I will eat my (much beloved) hat if cadres of American?s do not bemoan the overvalued Renminbi. And without any doubt, domestic US politics (and its global fall-out) will dominate the corridor gossip.

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