Istanbul under snow (#istanbul2010)

İstanbul beyaza büründü 23.01.2010

More photos can be found here.

Istanbul is under snow and life stopped in our European capital of culture. I decided to give a break to my life, and now camping in my parents’ place. Watching tens of episodes of How I Met Your Mother, reading, eating and napping. But this of course entails family thingies like watching food (in the morning) and marriage programs (afternoon) with mum….I hear that snow will be affective until Monday…

Another Istanbul 2010 video:

Three days of snow expected in İstanbul
Today’s Zaman
According to forecasts from the State Meteorology Directorate, snowfall that started in Trakya yesterday evening is expected to reach İstanbul today and

MAM is great:Graphic Disasters of Istanbul European Capital of Culture

Istanbul, Ruhr and Pecs Logos

from Mavi Boncuk

I think Istanbul 2010 logo is good with its connectivity and domes theme. Ruhr is not out of the ordinary and Pecs logo is unreadable.

Ruhr 2010 goes Turkish Too

from Mavi Boncuk

For Ruhr 2010 events, visit or
which includes events with a Turkish theme. The most important being the 3 day musical events with Fazil Say at its focus.

Mavi Boncuk |

Pecs The Borderless City Turns Turkish

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

Istanbul: European Capital of Culture 2010
About – News & Issues (blog)
A spectacular fireworks show over the Golden Horn recently signaled the official opening of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture.

Istanbul festival employs cultural diplomacy
Financial Times
By Delphine Strauss in Istanbul Istanbul marked the start of its year as one of three European capitals of culture at the weekend with outdoor concerts and

Anatolian ‘beggar villages’ send professional street kids to Istanbul
Hurriyet Daily News
?The same families come [to Istanbul] constantly. They divide the year between themselves; a group comes for six months and the other one comes afterward,

Resetting minds’ in Istanbul brings together old, new
Hurriyet Daily News
The TEDxReset conference, which took place in Istanbul last week and hosted Manovich among the guest speakers, also brought up the topic of rethinking the

Celebrations in Turkey held for Istanbul’s Euro Cultural Capital
Conceding the view of European Parliament and approval by the Council of Cultural Ministers of the European Union on 13 November 2006, Istanbul announced as the “European Capital of Culture for 2010”. Istanbul maintains a distinguished / Europe – Istanbul festival employs cultural diplomacy

Earthquake Concerns in Istanbul too | Into the Outside
By Kevin Callahan
Here in Istanbul, a newspaper article this week estimated that another 7.0 earthquake would likely kill 25000 people. In the last 10 years, great strides have been made in taking precautions in construction to reduce the estimation of

Two Must-See Events of Istanbul 2010

from The Istanbulian by Emre Kızılkaya

Durumzade: Wrap Artists (and Television Stars)

from Istanbul Eats

(Editor?s Note: This review first appeared back in April of 2009. Turns out the ?wrap stars? at Durumzade were among the stars of last night?s episode of Anthony Bourdain?s ?No Reservations? show, which recently visited Istanbul. In honor of Durumzade?s new found television success, we decided to offer this ?rerun? of our original writeup.)

Istanbul?s after midnight dining options tend to be of the offal variety ? tripe soup, chopped lamb?s intestines ? thought to be curatives after a night of hard drinking. Luckily, not all late night eats in the city involve innards. At Durumzade ? a grill joint positioned right on the fringe of the rowdy, bar-lined streets of the Beyoglu?s fish market ? we?ve found a durum, or Turkish wrap, that?s equally satisfying at 2am or 2pm.

Istanbul’s dynamic cultural life takes the spotlight in 2010
Deutsche Welle
Istanbul celebrates its year as a European Capital of Culture, while some EU members continue to discourage Turkey’s bid to join the EU.

İstanbul hotels poised for record year thanks to capital of culture
Today’s Zaman
İstanbul’s tenure as a European Capital of Culture (ECOC), which kicked off last Saturday, is expected to be a boon for the city’s hotel industry,

İstanbul?s residents sold out İstanbul long ago


Long-standing residents of İstanbul have abandoned the city. Leaving the old city to its new residents, the long-standing İstanbulites have taken to the peripheries of the city, making new dwelling areas out of the city?s forests, pushing out some of the residents of the many slums in those areas and generally creating a false sort of ?sheltered zone? for themselves that is certainly not the real İstanbul.

A journey into the heart of Istanbul
Kyiv Post
However, as I set out for Istanbul in the last days of 2009, my goal was neither a lazy rest in an all-inclusive hotel, nor shopping, but a fun (though

İstanbul starts 2010 with debuts and bicentennials in classical music
Today’s Zaman
An award-winning concert and recording artist in the midst of a world tour, pianist Dejan Lazic made his second appearance in İstanbul on Jan

Insiders’ guide to Istanbul
The Guardian
Take a break in Istanbul. Photograph: David Sutherland/Corbis In some ways, the book market preserves the atmosphere of the bazaar as it might have been two

Istanbul: culture club
The Guardian
Istanbul’s Blue Mosque (behind) and New Mosque. Photograph: Bruno Ehrs/Bruno Ehrs/Corbis ‘Culture’ is a flexible conception, but if one interprets it to

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