Europe’s agenda: Snow

An ambulance man walks away from the fire station in Hartley ...

An ambulance man walks away from the fire station in Hartley Wintney, in Hampshire, a village 40 miles west of London. Soldiers helped rescue stranded drivers Wednesday as Britain’s most brutal winter in decades caused chaos for travellers, and bitterly cold temperatures cloaked much of Europe.(AFP/Adrian Dennis)

Winter in Europe

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Your pictures of frosty scenes across Europe

Research tool: EU media policies inventory

by Grahnlaw

During the build-up of the European Digital Agenda, we want to spread the word about a research tool with special relevance for media.

The role of media is crucial in the information society or knowledge society, spanning most policy areas. Thus, at EU level so many of the Commission services (DGs) are engaged in policies affecting the media and so many policy initiatives are ongoing that it would be hard work to gain an overview without the help of the interdisciplinary Media Task Force.

How France’s Sarkozy Lost His Mojo

from Newsweek International Editions – Top News

President Nicolas Sarkozy, once a political wizard, is suddenly fumbling the most important issues. What happened?

The Union for the Mediterranean: The zombie is alive!

by Julien Frisch

How do you prove that a death-born child is alive? Well, you pre-select a Secretary General with Brussels experience and make five countries agree on him.

This is what according to Eurotribune has been happening at the zombie organisation known by its official name “Union for the Mediterranean“, an organisation that doesn’t even have a website yet (at least none known to me so far), which is an obvious signal in the 15th Muslim, 21st Christian, and 58th Jewish century (hope the figures are correct).

The EU’s accession to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR): Court of Justice involvement

by Julien Frisch

With the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, the EU will join the European Convention on Human Rights.

In two earlier posts on the matter (here and here) I have described the necessary steps as well as the legal and political difficulties this accession process faces.

Spain seeks new EU economy vision

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Spain proposes setting binding economic targets for the EU under a 10-year plan to boost growth and competitiveness.

The Annual “Will Europe Freeze?” Month

by Andrew Zvirzdin

Ah yes, it is that wonderful time of year. Fresh snow, college football bowl games in the US, a new year…and uncertainty surrounding European energy security. Some things never seem to change.

Mr Bildt goes to Madrid

by Grahnlaw

This is not Mr Smith goes to Washington ? we are in Europe. The Spanish presidency of the Council of the European Union ? the presidency website up and running again; Praised be the Saints! ? arranges a number of festivities with Spanish and EU dignitaries to mark the beginning.

Mr Bean Meets The Three Wise Men

from A Fistful Of Euros » A Fistful Of Euros by Edward Hugh

Wednesday was Epiphany. In Spain it is also a public holiday – Los Reyes Magos – to celebrate the visit of the three wise men from the East to the infant Jesus. Coincidentally on the eve of Epiphany this year the Moncloa did receive a visit from three wise men, although it is not clear whether they came (as tradition would have it) bearing gifts, or whether they brought with them a list of demands from the heart of Europe about what Spain?s government ought to be doing to stop the economy falling apart.

Renewing the European Parliament website: First thoughts

by Julien Frisch

Two days ago, the European Parliamen web editors announced that they are having “A Blank Sheet Moment“, that they can totally reform the European Parliament website.

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