Oh boy, so JİTEM never existed…

Turkish army continues embarrass itself. In a recent official statement they denied the existence of JİTEM. This intelligence unit formed within Turkish Gendarmerie had been effectively used in fight against PKK and notarious with illegal practices… Any suprise? Today, Star daily published some photos and documents about the existence of this intelligence unit…

A rotten year for the military

Not surprisingly, as far as Western coverage of Turkish politics goes, it was once again The Economist that offered the most convincing verdict on how 2009 will be remembered in Turkey. Here is the opening salvo from last week?s article: ?It has been a rotten year for Turkey?s generals.,

General Staff statement lacks credibility


The General Staff continues to draw criticism for a statement it made regarding the apprehension of seven military officers who were caught tailing Kadir Kayan, a judge at the Ankara 11th High Criminal Court.

Numerous military documents prove JİTEM’s existence
Today’s Zaman
JİTEM is also thought to be an instrumental arm of the terrorist Ergenekon organization, which is charged with plotting against the government.

[CROSS READER] Yet another controversial TSK statement

The General Staff, recently criticized for failing to provide convincing answers regarding suspicions about the military?s involvement in some illegal activity, has once again disappointed many with a statement addressing the apprehension of seven military officers who were caught tailing Kadir Kayan, a judge at the Ankara 11th High Criminal Court.

Hearing about Turkey from Orhan Pamuk


Turkey?s Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk is known not only for his award-winning novels but also for his ?to the point? analysis of Turkish politics. His outspoken manner may be regarded by some ?ivory tower? intellectuals as unwise, for it would alienate at least some of his readers.

One year ago, one year after
Today’s Zaman
Ergenekon is claimed to be an ancient Turkish legend. According to this legend, Turks who were left in small numbers seek shelter in a narrow valley.

Ergenekon: Whose side are you on?
Hurriyet Daily News
The Ergenekon case has expanded beyond the judicial system and politics to deepen an already extant societal polarization triggered by the assumption of .

tate’s dirty laundry might come out with ‘cosmic room’ search
Sunday’s Zaman
Evidence submitted to a court in 2008 as part of the indictment against Ergenekon, a shady network accused of having plotted to overthrow the government,

Istanbul: sultans and shopping beside the Bosphorous
The Guardian
It’s more than a little embarrassing that one of our first experiences in Istanbul was being ripped off in a “rookie tourist sting”. It happened to me,

Politicians? performance in 2009


Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: He was the only rising figure of last year in terms of producing policies and exerting leadership charisma. He was still in the lead at the polls. Sure, his party suffered from a decline compared to the past, but no one has been able to exceed it.

Hourglass, killing in cold weather, conspiracies!

Winter is the time when most politically motivated murders take place in Turkey. As I was writing this first sentence I caught myself laughing at myself. Can this possibly be the first sentence of the first article of the year? To be honest with you, nowadays my mind is full of memories of the people we lost in the past. So I can?t help but write this article.

Crimes of dismissed military personnel are ‘intangible’
Today’s Zaman
In a period when Ergenekon suspects are defended by some, it is unacceptable to dismiss personnel from the military over allegations of ?intangible crimes,?

Justice at the base of the counter-guerilla


Thank goodness we have lived to witness this day:

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