Turkey’s national security not compromised in the Cosmic room search…

…because cosmic room residents were busy with creating internal enemies and crushing them….


Kenan Evren (L), former chief of staff who could lead the coup d’etat and İlker Başbuğ (R) who could not lead perform the coup d’etat. Eminimsi blog plays with a traditional drawing that compares the vendor who sells on cash and who sells on account…

‘Secularists have little respect for people’s votes, human rights’
Today’s Zaman
Nobel laureate and Turkish author Orhan Pamuk on Tuesday criticized secularists in Turkey who consider democracy a threat that may turn the country into an

Curiosity mounts over ?cosmic rooms?

All eyes in Turkey have turned to two top-secret rooms at the Ankara headquarters of the Tactical Mobilization Group, a unit under the General Staff?s Special Forces Command, which have been searched by civilian prosecutors and police officers for the past four days.

Further details and expectations about the TSK investigation

The alleged plot against Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç continues to hold the media?s attention. At the beginning of the investigation certain media outlets and politicians tried to ridicule it; however, as the investigation deepened they realized that the accusations were serious and that some officers may have indeed been involved in the alleged plot.

An army restructuring itself for internal threats

The demise of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s also marked an end to the perception of a communist threat. The world?s nations then began to restructure their armed forces to address potential new threats that emerged as asymmetric threats. Turkey, a NATO member, has already been fighting terrorism since 1984.

Turkey and its generals: These cursed plots | The Economist

Eight Turkish soldiers released in army probe | World | Reuters

Turkey Case Highlights Military, Government Rift (NPR)

from Yahoo news
An indictment in the largest and most explosive trial in Turkish history claims that an ultranational gang plotted to overthrow the government. The trial has raised tensions between Turkey’s secular military and the ruling party, the AKP, which swept to power in 2002 by a rising class of Turks who identify themselves as religious Muslims.

The story of clashes between institutions


In Turkey these days, people can?t stop talking of clashes between certain institutions. Up until now, though, such a concept did not exist, since one institution always had its way, and when it didn?t, its leadership would be changed.

A considerable bit of courage on display


As the most recent meeting of the National Security Council (MGK) was in progress, archives belonging to the most secretive unit of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), the Tactical Mobilization Group, were thoroughly examined by prosecutors and judges.

Why was Gladio not disbanded in Turkey?

Why have Gladio-type organizations throughout Europe been disbanded, while Turkey?s still remains? Which foreign nations or demands have an effect on Gladio in Turkey?

Militarist-Kemalist coalition and the economy of ?cosmic room?

Although the Turkish finance sector did well during this crisis in the finance sector, the real side of the economy sustained a harsh blow.  In terms of the contraction in gross domestic product (GDP), the decline in production, the loss of export markets and the rise in unemployment Turkey is among the top three worst countries.

Will Turkey Seize Opportunity to Abolish Stay-Behind Organization?

from Bianet :: English
Former military judge Kardaş evaluates the search at the Special Forces Command as “an opportunity to eliminate the counter guerrillas and Gladio”. Kardaş said the unit established by NATO in 1952 has no legal base anymore and should be abrogated.

Civilian-military relations on the way to normalization

A recently uncovered assassination plot against Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, one of the most outspoken and straightforward figures from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), has increased tension in Ankara with the deepening of an investigation into the case over the weekend.

Third Search after Alleged Assassination Plot

from Bianet :: English
After 2 military officers were arrested last week because of an alleged assassination plan regarding Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, prosecutors searched premises of the Special Forces Command in 3 consecutive raids. The duration of custody for 8 arrested soldiers has been prolonged.

Turkish military denies clandestine intel unit over political murders
A clandestine military intelligence unit, long known as JITEM has been brought to the forefront of public attention by Ergenekon trial and claims by ex-PKK

Ergenekon suspect’s lawyer found dead in apartment entryway
Today’s Zaman
Ergenekon suspect Oktay Yıldırım’s lawyer was found dead in the entryway of his apartment building in İstanbul’s Bakırköy district in the early morning

Observers say military command search can shed light on Turkey’s dark past
Today’s Zaman
Turkey’s Ergenekon, an illegal gang charged with plotting to overthrow the government, is believed by some to be the last living extension of Gladio,

Is there a deep clash between state institutions?
Today’s Zaman
During the Ergenekon investigation, similar notes were found in documents seized from former commanders, including Şener Eruygur, Hurşit Tolon and others.

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