After all, assasination claims might be right…

Last night, Chief of Staff İlker Başbuğ stated that there are 8 soldiers under custody in relation to assassination claims of Bülent Arınç There had been a search going on at the Special Forces headquarters. Mr. Arınç is one of the State Ministers of Turkey and Vice-Prime Minister today….

In other developments:

Why do soldiers commit suicide?

The recent suicides of members of the military connected with the Ergenekon terror organization case and investigation have provoked questions in many people?s minds.

Mysterious Deaths Of Military Officers

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

Cmdr. Ali Tatar committed suicide Sunday after police came to arrest him in a case investigating an alleged assassination plot as part of the ongoing Ergenekon case. He had been arrested last week and released upon appeal by his lawyer, but an arrest warrant was issued and on Sunday morning a police officer arrived at Tatar?s house to take the lieutenant colonel to the police station. Tatar asked the officer to give him a few minutes to get ready, apparently went into the bathroom, and shot himself in the head. A public prosecutor investigated the scene and prepared a report stating that the lieutenant colonel had committed suicide. No autopsy was performed.

Eight secret deaths
Hurriyet Daily News
And that all are related to the Ergenekon crime gang case. Therefore, one has an urge to ask, ?What’s going on in the Turkish Armed Forces, or TSK,

Turkey cracks down on banned Kurdish party

from – World, Europe
Police have detained dozens of Turkey’s banned pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party members, including several mayors, during raids in the southeast of the country

Kurdish FAQ

from ISTANBUL by Cinar

With the dissolution of Turkey?s only Kurdish political party earlier this month, some might wonder what exactly is going on with the dysfunctional Turkish-Kurdish relationship and whether or not they can find a guide explaining it in simple terms.

Earlier this month the constitutional court dissolved Turkey?s only Kurdish political party; the Democratic Society Party (DTP) is now the fifth Kurdish party shut down for being insufficiently pro-Turkish, much like how one might toss out a salad for failing to be a pizza.

Turkey may see solutions to Kurdish problem take root for first time
Sunday’s Zaman
It was in 2008 that the ties between the PKK and the Ergenekon terror group emerged. In meetings with his lawyers on July 2, 2008, Öcalan asked that Kurds

AFP: Turkish cinema shrugs off cliches over Kurdish issue

The Kurds? turn

The year was 1991 when Süleyman Demirel said, ?I recognize the Kurdish reality.?

[CROSS READER] Öcalan reality once again comes to agenda

Former leader of the now-defunct Democratic Society Party (DTP) Ahmet Türk announced during a press conference on Friday that former DTP deputies would continue to serve, contrary to earlier statements that the 19 remaining ex-DTP deputies would resign in protest of the Constitutional Court?s decision to shut down their party.

Turkey?s Kurdish predicament


It is hard to avoid these days the fact that the Kurdish question in both Turkey and Iraq is entering a new and very dangerous phase. This is bad news for the two countries.

Davutoğlu?s mistake and Kurdish deputies? return


It is unfortunate that Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has reacted in a harsh way to what Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew said in an interview with CBS.

Alevi workshop coordinator Subaşı: Report will create a starting point

Emphasizing that the report they have started to prepare within the scope of the Alevi initiative will be long lasting, Alevi workshop coordinator Necdet Subaşı said some steps related to the initiative can be taken even before the report is completed.

Deniz Baykal, the leader of Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party, addresses workers protesting against layoffs in Ankara, Turkey, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009. Baykal joined workers a week after riot police used pepper spray, truncheons and shields to disperse thousand of workers of the Turkish state tobacco company Tekel, on the 10th day of the anti-government protests.

(AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici) Editor Killed By Gunman in Western Turkey

by Turkish Digest
Naomi Hunt, Press Freedom Advisor for Africa, the Middle East
Prosecutor’s office to investigate links between Ergenekon, Atabeyler
Today’s Zaman
Prosecutors are to examine possible links between the Atabeyler gang and Ergenekon, a shadowy crime network which has alleged links within the state and is

Taraf reporter released despite arrest request over Cage report
Today’s Zaman
Dozens of Ergenekon members, including businessmen, members of the military and journalists, are currently incarcerated while standing trial.

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