Thus spake Öcalan, DTP MEPs shall not resign!

So DTP MPs decided not to resign because PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan said it was not all right. Some dailies quoted peaceful messages from Mr. Öcalan today. I wonder what he was thinking in the last two months. Because he also contributed by his statements sabotage of Democratic Initiative that lead to the closure of DTP. Now he talks again about peace. Pro-Kurdish politics is as dirty as Turkish Nationalist politics. That’s certain…
Ergenekon prosecutors initiate new probe into Bingöl attack
Today’s Zaman
Civilian prosecutors conducting an ongoing investigation into a criminal organization known as Ergenekon have launched a new probe into a terrorist attack

Closing largest Kurdish party DTP, Turkey could stall reform efforts / The Christian Science Monitor –

Moving Kurdish Politics To The Mountains

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White


The satirical magazine Leman shows the Constitutional Court (helicopter), with its decision to close the Kurdish political party DTP, moving the party to the mountains, which is slang for joining the PKK. The pilot says, ?OK, leave it.? (click, in Turkish) The picture also implies isolation of Kurdish politicians, and banning them from civilization (house, parliament)…………..

Violence should not mar Kurdish initiative


Ongoing clashes in the streets between nationalist groups and supporters of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) protesting the closure of their party by Constitutional Court ruling last week on charges of ethnic separatism and links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) have raised concerns among many about the prospect of the Kurdish initiative grinding to a halt.

Becoming a tool in the PKK?s game


The Constitutional Court?s decision to close down the Democratic Society Party (DTP) has covered up a very important incident. The Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) initially remained silent about the attack in Tokat?s Reşadiye district in which seven soldiers were killed and then later assumed responsibility for the bloody incident.

?Why the DTP couldn?t exclude the PKK?

The Democratic Society Party (DTP) could not totally exclude and condemn the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK). We know that terrorism is also a method of conducting politics; however, it is impossible for this method to be accepted in countries governed by the rule of law.
With a map of Turkey in the background, Turkey's Interior Minister ...

With a map of Turkey in the background, Turkey’s Interior Minister Besir Atalay speaks to the media about his government’s ‘ Kurdish initiative ‘ and security issues during a news conference in Ankara, Turkey, Thursday, Dec. 17, 2009. Atalay says the government will speed up reforms for reconciliation with Kurds despite a surge of violence by Kurdish rebel supporters and the closure of a pro-Kurdish party on charges of ties to Kurdish rebels.

(AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici)

Turkish fascists, Kurdish fascists


Turkish democrats and Kurdish democrats want the ?nameless, low-intensity internal war? to be over. The idea that there is ?no end? gained currency.

From ?damn human rights? to ?damn the democratic initiative?


During the deliberations on the budget in Parliament on Monday, we saw once more that the leaders of the opposition Republican People?s Party (CHP) and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), who have opposed the democratic initiative from the very start, are holding the initiative responsible for both the increasing street demonstrations by supporters of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) and the killings of seven soldiers in Tokat?s Reşadiye district at the hands of a PKK-linked terrorist group.

PKK?s strategic calculation in killing 7 soldiers

A day before the Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) claimed responsibility for the Tokat attack, I gave four possible explanations for the terrorist attack in Tokat. Two of the four indicated that the attack was carried out by the PKK.

After Kurdish Party ban: ALDE calls for EP debate on Turkey

from ALDE News

After last Friday’s ban of the Kurdish Party DTP by the Turkish Constitutional Court Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament are worried about the implication for the development of democracy and call for a debate on Turkey in the EP’s January session.

Police Use Force Against Striking Workers

by Jenny White

Turkey, roiled by continuing demonstrations against the Constitutional Court?s closure of its only Kurdish political party in parliament, is also beset by strikes and demonstrations by workers seeking better conditions and higher wages, with the police using water cannons and pepper gas against the protesters.

EU criticises Turkey’s court ban of Kurdish party

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on 14 December that he was against the closure of parties, after a court ban on a Kurdish party caused angry protests, including by Brussels, and plunged the country into political uncertainty.

Journalists Face 3 Years Imprisonment for “Respectable” Öcalan

from Bianet :: English
DTP İskenderun District Mayor Mahmut Aydıncı and journalist Ersen Korkmaz face imprisonment of up to 3 years for addressing PKK leader Öcalan as “respectable”. The final speech of the prosecution will be presented on 26 January 2010.

Turkish workers protesting layoffs stand ...

Turkish workers protesting layoffs stand in a pool in cold weather after riot police used pepper spray to disperse them at a park in Ankara, Turkey, Thursday, Dec. 17, 2009. Riot police used pepper spray, truncheons and shields to disperse the workers of the Turkish state tobacco company Tekel on the third day of the anti-government protest. (AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici)

Decision in Favour of Armenian Agos Newspaper Sparks Hopes

from Bianet :: English
Criminal courts in the Istanbul district of Şişli convicted 4 people of insulting and threatening the Armenian Agos newspaper until the present day. The Şişli 2nd Magistrate Criminal Court currently tries defendant Celepoğlu under charges of “inciting hatred and hostility”.

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