Cengiz Aktar: ?Herkes için daha fazla özgürlük?

?Herkes için daha fazla özgürlük?                Hükümetin demokratik açılım tanımı ve İçişleri Bakanı?nın ?her yurttaş için daha fazla özgürlük? açıklaması hem hedefi doğru koyuyor, hem önümüzdeki şantiyenin boyutlarını söylüyor.   Bundan kasıt açılımın tek bir grup ile sınırlı kaldığı hissinin yaratacağı sıkıntının tüm diğer açılımlarla bertaraf edilmesi ve böylece açılım yaklaşımının tüm kesimlere tesir etmesi. … Read more

PKK’s latest terror campaign might be the end of Kurdish gains

Once I stated that Turkish State have lost Kurds after the closure of DTP. Kurdish opening etc progressed slowly but there had been gains. 30 years ago, you could not utter the word “Kurdish” publicly in this country. Now there is a state TV channel in Kurdish. I don’t claim these are enough but such a thorny issue cannot be solved easily. And Kurdish national consciousness has been gaining ground, more and more public spaces for Kurdishness appeared in the last year. However, organized Kurdish response to politics is to step up terroristic activities. Unfortunately not only the guerilla movement but its political dimension, many leaders of BDP explicitly support terrorist activities. Latest wave of attacks are unbearable. It is highly possible that the Turkish State may start an anti-terror campaign in unprecedented scales with an unforeseen popular support…

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Mala min mala te ye*

* My house is your house

Former DTP Chair Ahmet Türk is having troubles to find a place to rent.  After banished from politics by the Constitutional Court,  Mr. Türk decided to leave the place he was living because of neighbours and move to a new apartment.  Apparently, his contract for the new apartment was cancelled before he could even more there because of a military official living in the same building.  In the mean time, a group of intellectuals started a campaign in favor of Mr. Türk. “My house is your house… “

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In the heart of coup preparation center

An investigation in Special Forces headquarters continues more than 24 hours. It is called the “Cosmic Room”, military’s top secrets are kept. Even copying is not permitted so the Judge takes notes about documents found there….

President of the Turkish parliament and vice prime minster Bulent ...

President of the Turkish parliament and vice prime minster Bulent Arinc, seen here on the right in 2007. Eight soldiers have been questioned over a presumed plot against Turkey’s vice prime minister, the army has said on its website. (AFP/File/Str)

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Thus spake Öcalan, DTP MEPs shall not resign!

So DTP MPs decided not to resign because PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan said it was not all right. Some dailies quoted peaceful messages from Mr. Öcalan today. I wonder what he was thinking in the last two months. Because he also contributed by his statements sabotage of Democratic Initiative that lead to the closure of DTP. Now he talks again about peace. Pro-Kurdish politics is as dirty as Turkish Nationalist politics. That’s certain…

Ergenekon at work. From Dolapdere and Tokat to Muş. DTP Closed (3)

I only pray civil authority will crash civil war mongerers…
Two killed at pro-Kurdish protest today. A shop owner machine-gunned protesters…
This asshole who targeted Kurdish protesters with his gun, told under arrest that he was paid to do that… any surprise?
And did anyone realize that mainstream newspaper Hürriyet, which I quote extensively, stated in yesterday’s edition under this photo: “Citizens pulled out weapons against protesting DTP members”. This is the newspaper who is bulshitting daily about freedom of press..
Sine-i millete
Those DTP MPs who are not banned yet joined the others and decided to resign today.
PM Erdoğan claimed that recent Tokat massacre by PKK is part of a larger conspiracy against Turkey Democratic Initiative.  I agree him totally.
A group of intellectuals and artists protested the closure of DTP in Taksim today by lying down on Istiklal Street for 5 minutes.

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DTP closed (2) Turkish nationalists trying hard to start a civil war

ATurkish nationalist (left) fires a gun during clashes with ...

A Turkish nationalist (left) fires a gun during clashes with Kurdish activists in the Beyoglu area of Istanbul. Turkish nationalists and Kurdish activists clashed in Istanbul, leaving at least one person injured from a gunshot during street battles, an AFP reporter said. (AFP/Bulent Kilic)

As of now, Turkey has lost her Kurds. If there is any cooperation between Turks and Kurds from now on, Turkish nationalists have no role to play. I have been watching news and commentaries and these sorry asses are so happy that DTP is closed and they are having hard times to contain their fascistic attitudes. Many of my Kurdish friends are going through a very intense bitterness towards the nation state they are living in and towards Turks in general. Even I was subject to a slight dose of bitterness. I do not think there has been much street action but this state of bitterness is more dangerous in the long run. I am sorry that our nationalists and our nationalist establishment circles are so fixed minded and arrogant. Their mental capacities are so limited that they cannot see what is happening: The unity of their country is in peril…

Supporters of Turkey's opposition Nationalist Action Party wave ...

Supporters of Turkey’s opposition Nationalist Action Party wave national and party flags during a rally to defend Turkey national unity and denounce the government’s ‘Kurdish initiative’, in Ankara, Turkey, Sunday, Dec. 13, 2009. (AP Photo )

Banned Kurdish party may boycott Turkish parliament – CNN.com


Great illustration from Eminimsi. All contributed to the closure of DTP. Two opposition party leaders have been howling to create a tense political climate. Captured PKK leader Öcalan and hawkish DTP leader Emine Ayna got their part and Constitutional Court concluded….

Turkey Bans Kurdish Party

from NYT > Turkey by By SEBNEM ARSU

ISTANBUL Turkey?s constitutional court disbanded the only pro-Kurdish party in Parliament on Friday, a move that could threaten efforts to resolve the conflict with the Kurdish minority by peaceful means.

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DTP Closed

last updated: 12 Dec 2009- 00:20 (all updates at the very end)

Warning! Judiciary is armed in this country. (by İç Mihrak)


One of what Turkish judiciary is best is closing political parties.  Here comes the 25th party closed in modern Turkish history. Pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party has just been closed by the Constitutional Court. Hürriyet lists 141 reasons for the closure.

Nothing but nothing will be resolved by closing a party. This party has been closed and re-opened with a new name for several times. Just satisfying establishment desires, nothing else…

37 Kurdish politicians are banned. Some like Ahmet Türk are indeed moderates… Head of Turkish Constitutional Court stated that they relied on ECHR’s ETA decision…By banning moderates, the Court may have empowered hawkish ones in both sides…

Nationalism;  Dominant group            Dominated group- VIA

Turkey bars main pro-Kurdish party

from FT.com – World, Europe
Turkey’s constitutional court has ordered the closure of the country’s main pro-Kurdish party in a ruling that could kill off reforms aimed at ending decades of conflict

In the mean time, it seems that PKK admitted the responsibility of 7 killed soldiers. Head of murdering PKK team’s photo is released here. That does not mean they are still part of a conspiracy though..and that does still not mean they did thinking of all propaganda tactics used in Turkish media…

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Öcalan's new cell becomes an obstacle for the Kurdish initiative

A nearly 12 square meter room for Abdullah Öcalan, imprisoned PKK leader, caused uproar among PKK members. Ministry of Justice yesterday released photos of Öcalan’s cell which is nearly 1 m2 smaller than the previous one. More photos here.

Pro-PKK Kurds used Öcalan’s cell as a pretext to celebrate the anniversary of PKK’s establishment. There were riots in many cities and I provide some photos below. My first reaction is that this is a case of habitus. PKK members does not know any other way to continue. After 3 decades of fighting, Kurdish question has come to a new and positive level and with major parts’ contribution, we might witness historical moments. However, PKK reactions mostly serve Turkish nationalists…I do not claim AKP does all good but I am not sure if pro-PKK Kurds help the process at all.. but let me not forget to add. This is a friend’s idea. There are nearly no PKK leaders who can really handle the process. Most of reasonable PKK leaders like Musa Anter were assassinated by either hawkish Kurds or the State apparatus and now we have a different sort of leadership problem…

AFP: Turkey defends prison conditions of Kurdish leader

Uproar over Öcalan?s prison conditions


In a move likely to block the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government?s Kurdish initiative, which aims to expand the rights of the country?s Kurds, sympathizers of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) and the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) are taking to the streets and resorting to violence in the cities.


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Step by step, Kurdish initiative continues….

We were expecting more fist-fighting in the parliament meeting on Friday but relatively civilized quarrels dominated Friday’s meeting. Main opposition CHP is gone all crazy- literally indeed- and their reaction is ridiculous and beyond reason. Their childlike reaction and nearly criminal discourse (one higher official of CHP explicity stated that the best solution is what the State did during Dersim Rebellion, that is outright massacre…) have to be contained. I believe that AKP, DTP and a few liberals with possible indirect support from MHP can further the Initiative. Yes, MHP, nationalist party, does in fact acted quite civilized yesterday and despite their harsh criticism on the Kurdish Initiative their love of and support for the State may turn out to be a positive sign in this case. Because they wery well realized that this initiative may help unite the nation again. Armed suppression did not work as the the three decades had demonstrated…

Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) ...

Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Deniz Baykal addresses members of parliament as Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan (L) and his Education Minister Nimet Cubukcu listen in the background during a debate at the Turkish Parliament in Ankara, November 13, 2009. Turkey’s parliament is set to discuss on Friday reforms designed to boost the rights of the country’s Kurdish minority and end a 25-year separatist conflict, moves seen boosting its European Union membership ambitions.REUTERS/Umit Bektas

Turkey unveils reforms for Kurds

from BBC News
The Turkish government announces plans to expand the rights of Kurds, who for years have alleged discrimination.


A full list of reforms in Turkish here.

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Some are not ready to digest

Kurdish rebels address thousands of jubilant supporters in Diyarbakir, ...

Kurdish rebels address thousands of jubilant supporters in Diyarbakir, Turkey, late Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009. Supporters gathered to celebrate the arrival of rebels and refugees who crossed into Turkey from northern Iraq in response to a Turkish government initiative to try to end decades-long fighting between autonomy-seeking Kurdish rebels and Turkish troops. The rebels saluted and addressed crowds throughout their journey from Turkey’s border crossing of Habur with Iraq to Diyarbakir, the largest city in Turkey’s Kurdish-dominated southeast. (AP Photo )

We have been discussing the event, arrival of a group of PKK and thinking how great and novel this is. In the history of Turkish Republic, I do not remember an explicit moment of peace like this. A rebel group might actually end using arms. Still early to imagine this may be but it is now an substantive possibility.

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It can be a glorious moment

A group of unarmed PKK members are entering Turkey borders now.  It could be a giant step; it depends how the group will be met…

photos from Milliyet

PKK ‘surrender’ tests Turkey plan

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Eight Kurdish rebels cross into Turkey from Iraq to surrender in a sign of support for Ankara’s peace efforts.