Öcalan's new cell becomes an obstacle for the Kurdish initiative

A nearly 12 square meter room for Abdullah Öcalan, imprisoned PKK leader, caused uproar among PKK members. Ministry of Justice yesterday released photos of Öcalan’s cell which is nearly 1 m2 smaller than the previous one. More photos here.

Pro-PKK Kurds used Öcalan’s cell as a pretext to celebrate the anniversary of PKK’s establishment. There were riots in many cities and I provide some photos below. My first reaction is that this is a case of habitus. PKK members does not know any other way to continue. After 3 decades of fighting, Kurdish question has come to a new and positive level and with major parts’ contribution, we might witness historical moments. However, PKK reactions mostly serve Turkish nationalists…I do not claim AKP does all good but I am not sure if pro-PKK Kurds help the process at all.. but let me not forget to add. This is a friend’s idea. There are nearly no PKK leaders who can really handle the process. Most of reasonable PKK leaders like Musa Anter were assassinated by either hawkish Kurds or the State apparatus and now we have a different sort of leadership problem…

AFP: Turkey defends prison conditions of Kurdish leader

Uproar over Öcalan?s prison conditions


In a move likely to block the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government?s Kurdish initiative, which aims to expand the rights of the country?s Kurds, sympathizers of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) and the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) are taking to the streets and resorting to violence in the cities.


Turkish government unveils new plan for Kurdish cultural rights | World War 4 Report

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Kurdish philology department to open in Turkey | News from Armenia – NEWS.am


A banner displaying the logo of Turkey's main Kurdish political ...

A banner displaying the logo of Turkey’s main Kurdish political movement, the Democratic Society Party (DTP), is seen during a DTP congress in Ankara, in October 2009. Turkey’s constitutional court will begin final deliberations next week on whether to outlaw the country’s main Kurdish party on charges of links to separatist rebels. Photo:Adem Altan/AFP

AFP: Turkish court to decide fate of Kurdish party


Öcalan?s strategic calculation

Imprisoned Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Öcalan was recently transferred to a newly built prison facility on İmralı Island where he will be able to mingle with other prisoners who were transferred to the maximum security prison.


Constitutional Court May Ban Elected Kurdish Party

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

The Constitutional Court is set to conduct final deliberations next Tuesday
in a case that could close Turkey?s pro-Kurdish party, Democratic Society Party (DTP) on charges of links to a terrorist organization. The chief prosecutor at the Supreme Court of Appeals, maintains that the DTP has links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK). In the indictment, the chief prosecutor also demanded that the court ban 220 members of the DTP from politics, including some party leaders and members of parliament. The DTP currently has 21 seats in parliament. In order to outlaw a political party, at least seven out of 11 members of the court must vote in favor.

Kurdish Newspaper Editor in Detention for another 3 Months

from Bianet :: English
Kurdish newspaper journalist Vedat Kurşun will remain in detention for another 3 months. Kurşun has been detained for the last 10 months because of news items and articles he published in the context of the Kurdish question.

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