Anti-Kurdish Initiative propaganda begins to gain ground…Political Cartoons at work…

I have begun to receive forwarded emails with highly ultranationalists propaganda against Kurdish initiative. DTP’s show of force triggered a Turkish nationalist reaction against the initiative. Here is a collection of cartoons that are found in mainstream press and forwarded as a bundle through emails…

AFP: Turkish PM sees ‘crisis of confidence’ with Kurds: report

Atalay: “Democratic Initiative” Carried on Despite Opposition

from Bianet :: English
Interior Minister Atalay criticized opposition parties MHP’s and CHP’s statements concerning the peace groups that returned to Turkey in the beginning of this week. Commenting harshly on the welcome events of DTP, he emphasized that the opening process is a success and that the government is going to continue it.

The judiciary and the Kurdish initiative

by Fréderike Geerdink
The surrender of a group of 34 men, women and children ? some of them PKK members, some of them ordinary inhabitants of a refugee camp for Turkish Kurds in northern Iraq ? was the first visible result of the government?s Kurdish initiative, launched this summer. By sending the ?peace group? (as the PKK calls […]

Not Kurds, not Turks, but common sense

There are many reasons to be hopeful about the democratization process; for starters, we can now see matters that had long become settled in one place with all their weightiness, unable to move, finally begin to budge, even move along the long road ahead, albeit one full of ups and downs, obstacles and the possibility of temporary backtracking.

1 thought on “Anti-Kurdish Initiative propaganda begins to gain ground…Political Cartoons at work…

  1. Dont see one picture dear Erkan?!
    It is what Andrew Finkel wrote:
    to acknowledge that a great component of what has been cultivated as nationalism (in Turkey) is racism by another name.
    Sad sad sad.

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