No sense of humor, for sure…

Jenny White points out a good case. Whatever happens in the political-legal side, a sort of social conservatism continues to rule…. I heard about this ad campaign’s destiny just last night and then I see Jenny’s piece…

The Country of No

by Jenny White

No sense of humor. No humans with animal heads.

A recent ad campaign depicting human bodies with animal heads has caused protests from different groups around Turkey. In Eskisehir, protesters accused the ads of ?insulting Turkishness? and managed to suspend them from being displayed on city billboards.It began when animal-headed humans appeared on billboards a few weeks ago asking consumers if they were ?fool enough? to pay too much for a product. The ads featured a goose, a cow, a carp and a sheep, each chosen for its implication of foolishness…………….


Photo from Hurriyet

Turkey?s Greatest Untapped Potential? Women

from Turkey | World Bank

Interview with Diego Angel-Urdinola

Economic Crisis Affecting the Welfare of Families in Turkey

from Turkey | World Bank

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