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Turkey-Armenia game ended with Turkey’s win.  After the historic deal, the game did not attract the same attention as far as I could observe. Turks are sad because they are eliminated in the World Cup qualifiers. From the Armenian side, Onnik Krikornian has been doing a great job. Even the EU’s progress report was not particularly good for sensational headlines, calm and expected critiques included in the report, many stated.

Turkey's Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan pauses during a meeting ...

Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan pauses during a meeting in Ankara October 14, 2009. An agreement signed by Turkey and Armenia on Saturday, which would reopen the border and restore ties poisoned by a century of hostility, could help stabilise the south Caucasus with its vulnerable energy corridor and ease Armenia’s geographical isolation. Both parliaments must approve it. But it is resisted by nationalists in both countries as well as Turkish ally and oil and gas producer Azerbaijan.REUTERS/Umit Bektas

Turkey Warned by EU on Press-Freedom Fight With Dogan (Update1) –

EU says more political, civil rights reform needed in Turkey | Headlines News | Jerusalem Post

Turkey must open up to Cyprus, EU report says – Monsters and Critics

Peacemaker Turkey must open up to Cyprus, EU report says (Roundup)

gulfnews : In Theory: Turkey deserves EU inclusion

Turkish security officials stand next to the Ataturk Stadium ...

Turkish security officials stand next to the Ataturk Stadium in Bursa, Turkey, late Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009, a day before the Armenia’s President Serge Sarkisian arrives for a football World Cup qualifier between the two national teams, returning a gesture by Turkey’s president in what has become known as soccer diplomacy. President Sarkisian’s announcement followed the signing of an agreement in Switzerland Saturday between Armenia and Turkey to establish diplomatic ties and end a century of enmity between the two neighbors.

(AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici)

Women Aren?t Interested In Politics (?)

by Jenny White

Gülseren Onanç is head of the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey, or KAGIDER, a prominent women?s NGO that hosted chief EU negotiator Egemen Bagis at a breakfast meeting on Tuesday. According to a draft of an upcoming EU report, Onanç pointed out, while the legal framework for gender equality in Turkey has been successfully established, the new laws have not been sufficiently implemented. The report also mentions Turkey?s very low women?s labor participation rate of 24 percent, far below the EU average of 57 percent. Onanç added that women?s access to education is still below EU standards and that women?s participation in politics is still limited. Honor killings continue to be a problem.

Turquie : ouvrir la porte !

by acturca
Le Monde (France), 13 octobre 2009, p. 25

Michel Rocard, Jacques Delors, Luc Ferry, Edgar Morin et Alain Touraine

La Saison de la Turquie en France va-t-elle enfin donner l?occasion aux Français de découvrir, à travers des dizaines de manifestations culturelles, le vrai visage de la Turquie ? Ni celle des plages pour touristes, ni celle, fantasmatique, de l?avant-garde d?un islam lancé à la conquête de l?Europe ?

Accepter l??autre? de l?Europe

by acturca

Le Monde (France), 13 octobre 2009, p. 25

Cengiz Aktar

On s?est rappelé en Turquie, le 31 juillet dernier, le cinquantenaire de la relation formelle avec l?Union européenne. Il n?y a pas eu de célébration, tout juste la projection d?un documentaire relisant le passé, le présent et l?avenir de la relation dans le marc de café. Dans la salle, on a beaucoup gloussé.

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  1. (Women Aren?t Interested In Politics? )

    Turkey’s stereotyped problems exist.
    For example, honor killings continues still .
    Turkey’s problems can be solved for the EU?
    Studies, perhaps insufficient.

    Turkey is faced with the daily problems of the EU.

    Unemployment will not be, will not be poverty,
    will not be honor killings ,will not have health problems,freedom to be applied,etc.

    Turkey’s face may change. Hopefully.

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