Who cares Sarkozy who doesn't want Turkey as long as Turkey builds up new friendships in the region…

Hail to the Turkey-Armenia deal to be signed today.

After a drama, the deal is about to be signed right now…Yes, it is signed. Signatories are so tense, as if anything could happen…

Armenia-Turkey deal delayed over disagreements

A planned peace agreement between Turkey and Armenia to end a century of enmity hit a last minute snag over disagreements with statements to be read at the historic ceremony

A roundup as usual:

Armenia, Turkey Reach Accord

by Mary Beth Sheridan

ZURICH, Switzerland, Oct. 10 — Armenia and Turkey signed a landmark agreement Saturday to establish diplomatic ties, after a dramatic last-minute intervention by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to keep the event from falling apart.

Armenia, Turkey sign historic agreement – CNN.com

Radical US Armenians protest Ankara-Yerevan protocol – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review

Clinton uses diplomatic muscle in Turkey-Armenia row | Reuters

Turkey and Armenia Struggle to Normalize Ties

Turkey and Armenia, sundered by a century of dispute, struggled to sign a landmark deal as a last-minute hitch threatened to unravel months of negotiations.

Next Nobel Peace Prize: Turkey and Armenia? | csmonitor.com

Armenia, Turkey Hit Glitch in Agreement to Build Diplomatic Ties – washingtonpost.com

Clinton Brokers Deal as ?Hitch? Delays Turkey-Armenia Accord – Bloomberg.com

Armenian initiative and Davutoğlu effect

There has been for some time a ?Davutoğlu effect? in Turkish foreign politics, and there has never been a time in Turkey in which a single adviser or minister has been so influential in the decision-making process.

BBC NEWS | Europe | How Turks and Armenians see new ties

Football diplomacy seals the deal between Armenia and Turkey – Times Online

Turkey set to repair ties with Armenia

The decision by Ankara and Yerevan to sign agreements to mend diplomatic relations and open their shared border receives support from Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state

Cool winds between Davutoğlu and Bağış – Hurriyet

by BARÇIN YİNANÇ Friday, October 9, 2009

One has to say that after the nightmare endured during the term of Ali Babacan, the new foreign minister?s gestures are particularly appreciated by the staff of the Foreign Ministry.

Clinton to attend signing of Armenia-Turkey agreement – Monsters and Critics

The Associated Press: Turkey and Armenia seek peace

A question of security and identity? The path dependence of EU-Turkey relations 1997-2004 by Natalie Martin (Loughborough University,UK)

by Changing Turkey

Natalie Martin

PhD candidate, Department of Politics, History and International Relations, Loughborough University (UK).

The decision by the European Union to open accession negotiations with Turkey was one of the ?most controversial external relations? decisions the EU had ever taken (Schimmelfennig 2008: 1). For many reasons, encompassing economics, demographics, security and culture, it was unpopular with both elite and popular opinion. The question is begged therefore ? why did the EU member states vote in favour at Brussels in 2004?

Turkey’s emotional transition, Carsten Wieland

by david hayes

Carsten Wieland is a political consultant and journalist, specialising in the middle east, where he lived for several years. He studied history, political science, international relations and philosophy at Humboldt University in Berlin, Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi and Duke University in North Carolina, before working as a research fellow at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. He is the author of Syria – Ballots or Bullets? Democracy, Islamism and Secularism in the Levant (CUNE Press, 2006) and Syria at Bay: Secularism, Islamism and ?Pax Americana’ (C Hurst, 2006). His website is here

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