Web censorship non-stop in Turkey

Erkan would like to thank the “system” whose elements include legal structures and its executioners, current government, complaining parents and other assholic conservative citizens, parts of music industry and pro-establishments zealots, who is behind the continuous and increasing web censorship in Turkey.

Yesterday, Farmville site was banned. In fact I do not even play it but many friends play its Facebook application and I know very well what one feels a goody can’t be played with.  (So some concerned parents thought that Farmville makes their children like gambling) The ban was cancelled later but it hit the news that now some active Turkish gay sites that do not include any pornographic images were banned. (and so what if they have pornographic images? could censorship ever prevent us seeing stuff? well, some of my favorite “straight” erotic sites are also inaccessible…. ) All news can be found below.

turkeybans: i mean, they banned the main website of farmville: zynga.com

turkeybans: lgbtt websites ‘gabile’ and ‘hadigayri’ blocked in turkey. wtf?

A brief history of web censorship in Turkey (in Turkish) can be found here.

From Farmville to Gayville, Internet censorship continues in Turkey

On 22 September 2009 I estimated that access to at least 6000 websites are blocked from Turkey. That was followed by the infamous blocking decisions involving both myspace.com and Last.fm from Turkey. During this weekend we had further cases of access blocking from Turkey.

(Article by Doç. Dr. Yaman AKdeniz, 04.10.2009)

First, yesterday morning (Saturday, 03 October, 2009) Internet users from Turkey were unable to access their virtual farms in Farmville, a popular game offered by Zynga.com through Facebook. Those who tried to access Farmville and other online community based games offered by Zynga through Facebook were greeted with the following message:

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  1. Banned Web sites. This is probably the thing I look forward to least when I move to Turkey. And why would they ban last.fm? I am baffled by that one.

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