Google Wave- the new goody?

It seems that Google offers us a new goody to play with.  I saw some Turkish tech bloggers are using the trial versions and they seem to be happy. Well, I am waiting its arrival. There also a round up follows on cybercultural stuff..

Google Wave closer to breaking

by Jennifer Lush

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for googlewave.jpgThe Google Wave is one step closer to breaking after the announcement that invitations would be sent to some 100,000 developers, business and university customers and first-time users to preview the service.

A ‘wave’, which is a browser-based tool that is ‘shared, live and in equal parts conversation and document’, has created a particular buzz amongst journalists who see the opportunities that combining email, instant messaging and real-time interaction, opens up. It could very well change the way journalists currently work.

Internet becomes largest ad sector in UK, overtaking television

by Nestor Bailly

The IABUK reports internet ad spending grew 4.6% in the first half of 2009, totaling £1.79 billion and overtaking television for the first time. Surprising news given the recent downturn in advertising across all sectors and Huffington‘s CEO announcing that CPM ad revenue is nearing zero.

Global Voices and Blog Action Day 2009

by Diego Casaes

badge-180-150On October 15, bloggers from all over the world will get together to blog about climate change in one of the largest social change events on the web: the Blog Action Day.

The 10 Most Romantic Social Media Finds

by Jennifer Van Grove

STUDY: Time Spent on Social Networks Has Tripled

by Christina Warren

Social networking usage by Americans continues to soar. According to a new report from The Nielsen Company, Americans spent 17% of all their Internet time using social networking sites. This was nearly triple the time spent a year ago.

BBC to relaunch sites with new media focus

by Nestor Bailly

MediaGuardian reports its BBC sources claim various BBC sites will re-launch by March with a new look and emphasis on social media.

What Newspaper Cartoonists Can Learn from Web Comics

Earlier this month, Randall Munroe, creator of the hugely popular web comic xkcd, announced on his blog that he would be publishing a book collection of the strip. Given the number of six-figure book deals that major book publishers have thrust upon popular bloggers, there’s little doubt that Munroe’s millions of monthly readers could have easily garnered him a similar signing. But he chose to publish his book through BreadPig, a company set up by Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian. The book is available in xkcd’s store, where the artist has been selling T-shirts and other merchandise for years. Munroe wrote that the work might “possibly” appear in bookstores.

Does the quest for traffic help or hurt newspapers online?

by Larry Kilman

The Persistent Myths of Identity Theft

by Larry Downes

Stealing credit card numbers from corporate computers is a serious crime, but it is not “identity theft.” Why does terminology matter? See below:

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