State of Turkish women; surveys, stats etc.

A keen observer of state of Turkish women, Jenny White writes: 

Women and Work: Some Reflections On The Numbers

 The World Bank together with the Turkish State Planning Organization are about to release a report on the status of women’s work in Turkey. A preview: 3 of 4 Turkish women neither work at paid employment nor are looking for work. Turkey has a 22 % female labor participation rate, compared to 62% average in OECD countries and 33% in developing countries).

Turkey's Oguz Savas (L) Engin Atsur and Omer Asik (R) look ...

Turkey’s Oguz Savas (L) Engin Atsur and Omer Asik (R) look on after losing their FIBA EuroBasket 2009 quarter-final basketball game against Greece in Katowice September 18, 2009. REUTERS/Ivan Milutinovic

After football, Turkish dreams shattered in basketball, too….


Some depressing facts about Turkish Justice

ECHR: 9 out of 10 Cases in Turkey Unjust.

Out of a total of 97,300 cases in the hands of the ECHR 11.4 percent are from Turkey. 1,676 out of 1939 cases from Turkey are concerned with violations of the European Convention. In 50 years only 37 decisions taken by Turkish courts were justified by the ECHR.

Social Freedom for Turkish Women

By tabsir on Photography

The sultan of the Ottoman Empire going to mosque the day after the constitution was announced.

Social Freedom for Turkish Women
by Mary Mills Patrick.

[The following excerpt is from “The Emancipation of Mohammedan Women,” published in the National Geographic Magazine, January 1909 (Volume XX, No. 1, p.p. 61-62).]

Their past experience has been slowly preparing the Turkish women for the larger opportunities that the constitution gives them. On the morning of the 24th of July all classes of the Turkish Empire entered into a new life, but the greatest change of all took place in the harems. Women everywhere threw off their veils. A prominent woman in Salonica openly assisted her husband in the political celebration.

A Woman A Day: The Murder Count

By Jenny White on women and violence in Turkey

Since March 1, the news site Bianet has been keeping track of incidents of violence against women in Turkey. So far, a woman a day has been murdered. That’s not counting violent acts that didn’t end in death. (click here for the list)

Violence against women most urgent problem, says activist Selma Atabek


Selma Atabek, a women’s rights activist, has said violence against women is the most important problem in Turkey and that it affects women from all walks of life.

NY TIMES:"In Turkey, Women Playing Soccer Vie for Acceptance "

By Ahmet Turgut

You could not find any kind of news like this in any Turkish news papers in Turkey.

Although number one sport in Turkey is Football, you can not find any extend news about Turkish Women soccer(football)league in the Turkish News papers..

But, New York Times did something what most of the Turkish National news papers did not do…………..

Schoolbooks Fail Human Rights Test

By Jenny White on human rights in Turkey

The Turkish Human Rights Association and Turkish History Foundation have issued a disturbing report on the human rights content of official Turkish school textbooks. They have identified a number of outright extreme nationalist, racist and sexist statements in the books.

Outside the Bubble: In Istanbul, football is a way of life – Features

Turkey disregards minority rights in schools – International Herald Tribune


Highway Fatalities in Turkey

By M.A.M

When a Turkish press source lies the whole world is more than willing to believe. With a press like this who needs enemies? Maybe someone should stop treating Turkish opinion like crash test dummies.
Mavi Boncuk |

According to International Road-Crash Fatality Rates[1] (Deaths Per 100,000 Population — a.k.a. the Per Capita Death Rate) 1988-2002 Turkey reduced fatalities between 1998-2002 as follows: 10.1/ 9.2/ 7.6 / 5.6 / 5.6. Yet, this reduction is ignored with this footnote:

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