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Dear Erkan Saka,

We would like to invite you to join us as a member of the press for the World Bank/International Monetary Fund 2009 Annual Meetings, to be held in early October in Istanbul.

Each year, the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund meet to discuss a range of issues related to poverty reduction, international economic development, and finance.

We are hoping that you will be able to attend the meetings as a member of the press.

In the World Bank Group’s efforts to connect with web publications as well as traditional media, we are inviting a select few bloggers to cover the Annual Meetings.

1) My yet unpublished piece on Mass Conspiracy Mails for my dissertation has been quoted in  Prof. Füsun Üstel and Assoc. Prof. Birol Caymaz’s report on Elites and Social Distance [in Turkey] The article in Turkish can be found here:Seçkinler ve Sosyal Mesafe

The report was funded by Open Society foundation in Turkey. (Brief info on the publication in Turkish)

2) My blogging experience, an unpublished blogging essay (Blogging as a research tool for ethnographic fieldwork) and co-authored work on Assemblage is quoted in 

Fieldwork Is Not What It Used to Be: Learning Anthropology’s Method in a Time of Transition by James D. Faubion, George E. Marcus, and Michael M. J. Fischer

3) In unpublished MA thesis of Senem Kaptan, a former student of mine, at Sabanci University, my blog writings during my military service are quoted. 


by Senem Kaptan, Cultural Studies MA program, Sabancı U. 

 The text is not yet available to public.

4) Another unpublished essay of mine is quoted in Bodies of Knowledge: The Medicalization of Reproduction in Greece by Eugenia Georges

2003. "Rhodian Turks: Collective Memory and Life Histories in the Making of a Community"


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  1. so you are actually here in Istanbul again! Welcome back! (the warmest) great to hear the super invitations and quotes you received…just having come back, Take a deep breath… we have a lot to talk, dear friend! bu arada bu cok isabetli bir bayram hediyesi oldu benim icin- YASASIN OZGURLUK!!

  2. Congratulations! Things were working in your favour even when you were out of circulation in your professional life. Wonderful!

  3. @Ralf: Civilian life rocks:)
    @Aslı: Thank you my dear friend. We will meet as soon as possible!
    @Claudia: I have realized you had just had your birthday, I was on the road then. Hope to see many more birthdays and as always i am grateful and happy for your good wishes and observations!:)

  4. Thank you, Erkan. It’s fun to visit your blog. I learn a lot. And it was great to see your parents. I’m probably a bit older than they are but I felt instant empathy. All the best to all of you.

  5. ben buraya sürekli yorum bırakmaya çalışıyorum ama sanırım başarılı olamıyorum. son bir kez deneyeyim dedim.
    şimdi anladım niye bırakamadığımı. o zaman baştan alıyorum (3.kez, wordpress sağolsun) öncelikle hoş geldiniz! bir de, tezimi okuyabildiniz mii?

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