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A message written by US president Barack Obama in the visitors' ...

A message written by US president Barack Obama in the visitors’ book at the Ataturk Mausoleum in Ankara. Obama, seeking to boost ties with a key Muslim ally, touted Washington’s strong ties with Turkey Monday and tread carefully on neighbouring Armenia’s decades-old genocide claims.

(AFP/Pool/Hakan Goktepe)

It is always a pity of a news junky like me not to be able to follow a great event properly. Mr. Obama is in town and it is no doubt that this is a historical moment and signifies the rightness of new Turkish foreign policy moves.

By this Sunday evening (12 April) my civilian lifes ends. By April 10, I will learn how long I will be in the army and where I will be stationed.

In the remaining days, I have to deal with tons of technicalities in addition to finishing up grading and extra classes.

Right at this moment, Tuesday morning before my 1st year course lecture, I have to thank Anthony Potoczniak, my dear friend from the department, who had sent me an email and told me that he will take care of my dissertation submission process. That has been a growing concern for me. I had to submit the hard copy of my dissertation to Graduate Office along with a series of formalities and right now I have this great relief that it can be done. Thank you very much Anthony!

As Taraf headlined stated yesterday Obama could win the elections in Turkey, too. Turks like him at many levels. One is certainly pragmatic. His visit means the real warming up of relations between Turkey and US. We had that tension since the beginning of Iraq War and now that we can be allies again:) It seems that like Mr. Clinton, Mr. Obama receives popular sympathy while Mr. Bush could not get any.

In the mean time, I have to deal with technicalities in my last days and I am really sad that I cannot follow this event properly…

For the news roundup: 

Turkish Digest


Full text of the US president’s speech at Turkish Parliament

ANKARA – U.S President Barack Obama made a historic speech to Turkish lawmakers in the capital, Ankara on the first of his two-day visit to the country. Here is the full text of Obama’s speech:

US President Obama backs Turkey’s EU bid, France renews opposition

ISTANBUL – U.S. President Barack Obama gave his backing Sunday to Turkey’s bid to join the EU, and urged the European Union to accept Turkey as a member, saying it would be a positive sign to the Muslim world. The French president however reiterated Sunday his country’s opposition to Turkey’s accession.

Rasmussen Elected Head of NATO Despite Turkish Opposition

The NATO summit has elected  elect Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen as its new leader. Rasmussen was backed by the Obama administration. Turkey, the only Muslim-majority nation in NATO, came out against Rasmussen’s candidacy. Juan Cole discusses the reasons for this. (click here)

UPDATE: PM Erdogan relented on Rasmussen’s candidacy after negotiations with President Obama and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and receiving a number of concessions. (more…)

NATO talks on Rasmussen impact EU-Turkey relations

EU criticises Turkey stance on Danish PM’s NATO bid — EUbusiness.com – business, legal and economic news and information from the European Union

Grahnlaw: Turkey ending its EU membership bid?

Is Turkey going to end its bid for accession to the European Union? This is the way it looks after the opening of the NATO summit, where Turkey seems to have vetoed the candidacy of Danish premier Anders Fogh Rasmussen to become the next Secretary Ge.

The Associated Press: Obama’s Turkey tour heavy with symbolism

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