I have resigned today

There cannot be a leave without salary. The military service has its own insurance regime. So I have to resign from my work. It is mostly symbolic but still upsetting.


İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi

İletişim Fakültesi Dekanlığı’na,

Askerlik görevime başlayacağım için Halkla İlişkiler Bölümü’ndeki öğretim görevliliği görevimden 1 Nisan 2009 tarihi itibarıyla istifa etmek zorundayım. Askerlik göreviyle ilgili belgeler ektedir. Bilgilerinize arz ederim.

Erkan Saka


Related laws state that one who leaves his job because of the military service has to be accepted back or given compensation. I hope there will be a smooth transition back in the end… 

1 thought on “I have resigned today

  1. It is upsetting, specially that it’s not your choice. I hope no war starts while you’re in the Army. It would never let you go. You should have moved to Canada, Erkan. We don’t have obligatory Army training here. Anyhow, all the best. I’ll keep coming here, and looking in Facebook for some messages.

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